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Of the ‘SGR – Milky Way Collision’ Reflection



SS: this collision is not happening 7 billion years ago .. the reason why is because TIME and SPACE are an illusion. The two galaxies colliding are in their own TIMEZONE and WORLD. our consciousness has it’s own TIMEZONE and WORLD. we are just seeing a reflection of the collision of two conscious life-forms and their worlds.. surrounding each galaxy is a Higgs Bosun Field. outside of our Higgs Bosun Field there is no TIME and SPACE. therefore the light particles we observe are ‘waveform potentials’ and do not turn into a particle of light until it enters into our Higgs Bosun Field. it’s the illusion of TIME and SPACE that some people think this happened 7 billion years ago when really it might just happened last night.

SS: it kinda resembles our own galaxy collision between our home galaxy Sagittarius and the Milky Way galaxy. the snake about to eat the marshmallow ice cream center of the Milky Way. Triangulum seen below is the Milky Ways twin galaxy in that it is gravitationally bound to the Andromeda Galaxy via an etheric tunnel between black holes. the Andromedans have a brown dwarf system like the martian brown dwarf system that invaded this solar system in attempt to mine resources and were destroyed.

Scientist Prove We Are Not From Here This same sense of shock came as scientists announced that the Sun, the Moon, our planet and its siblings, were not born into the familiar band of stars known as the Milky Way galaxy, but we actually belong to a strange formation with the unfamiliar name of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy!

Telescopes used gravitational lensing to obtain the best view yet of a collision that took place between two galaxies when the Universe was only half its current age. The foreground galaxy is doing the lensing and around it is an almost complete ring — the smeared out image of a star-forming galaxy merger far beyond. (ESO, ALMA (NRAO/ESO/NAOJ); W.M. Keck Observatory; NASA/ESA)

With a galaxy aligned like a giant magnifying glass, an international team of astronomers was able to focus on two other galaxies colliding 7 billion years ago (CBS News)

M33, the Triangulum Galaxy, taken by the VLT Survey Telescope at the European Southern Observatory’s Paranal Observatory in Chile. The picture reveals gassy regions, shown in red. (ESO)

A wide view of the Triangulum Galaxy more than 3 million light-years from the Milky Way. (ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2. Acknowledgement: Davide De Marti)




    Of the Backfired Astral Etheric Waves




    SS: this polestar science blog is about two merged hyper-dimensions of astral and etheric ,, the above images are for illustration purposes to represent two kinds of waves vibrating in the etheric .. the yellow wave is a wave that was not sourced by the astral light and that is why it is by itself .. a vibration in the etheric will stay vibrating forever because the ether is hydro-mechanical that has no friction .. there is only one way to stop a wave from vibrating in the etheric and that is by another wave that vibrates at the exact same frequency opposite from peak to trough will cancel each other .

    SS: the purple and green waves in the next image represent an astral sourced wave vibrating in the etheric .. the green wave represent the astral light which intelligently controls the frequency of the purple wave vibrating in the ether.. when the purple wave is the exact opposite frequency from peak to trough of the yellow wave then the purple and yellow waves will merge and the yellow sourceless wave will be canceled out . the purple etheric wave is going to remain still vibrating in the etheric because it is sourced by the astral wave and this is the astral light backfire. now have an astral amplified wave vibrating exactly opposite of the non-sourced wave vibrating in the ether.

    SS: below are images of the quantum level that is vibrating at what appears to be a random vibrations.. at the quantum level things do not stay inside the box laws of physics like Einstein laws of relativity . it is hyper-dimensional and the waves help smooth out some of the chaotic. i have talked about this before how there could be two waves in two different places that are really the same wave .

    The laws of the very small, quantum mechanics, say that the fabric of space becomes very bumpy and chaotic, a world so turbulent it defies common sense. Space and time are so twisted and distorted that the conventional sense of left and right, up and down, even before and after break down. There is no way for certain to tell if something is here or over there or both places at once. Or maybe something arrived somewhere before it arrived there. In the quantum world nothing can be pinned down it is a wild place. The fluctuating jittery picture of space and time predicted by quantum mechanics is in direct conflict with the smooth orderly geometric model described by relativity.

    String theory calms the jitters of quantum mechanics, it spreads them out by virtue of taking the old idea of a point particle and spreading it out into a string so the jittery behavior is there just sufficiently less violent that quantum theory and relativity theory stitch together perfectly within this framework. — The Elegant Universe

    Dr Quantum – Entanglement In the book “Provocative Cosmology – Unification”, a phenomenon whereby all matter within the universe is connected is both discussed and explained. This is what Quantum Physicist refer to when they use the term “Entanglement”.

    ” To return to the main magical theory, the Quintessence, said they, or Universal Substance (which some strove to identify with Hyle, others with the Luminiferous AEther) is the two-in-one, liquid and solid, the former part being also twofold, fluid and gaseous, and the latter earthy and fiery. The combination of these four phases of Zro accounted for the universe. This quintessence is Zro in some state unknown and incalculable. Some expected to find it in its twelfth state, some in a seventeenth, others in a thirty-seventh: all this was pure guesswork. ” — Liber Li by A.’. A.’.



      Of the Self-Sustaining Nuclear Fusion



      SS: i have been talking about the penguin church catastrophes (louisana methane sinkhole and fukushima nuclear meltdown) for awhile now because in my opinion they are the real issues that matter. if these catastrophes are not dealt with then it doesnt matter what long term plans anyone has because the world will be unlivable in the next hundred years.  as we heard from arnie gundersen that japan and the world is not really doing much to solve their nuclear meltdown catastrophe and the usa is not doing very much to solve the louisana sinkhole catastrophe.

      SS: i think that at this stage there is noone who can claim that nuclear power is safe or even feasible anymore. for one thing they are giant targets in case of any war. that is why when britian or the usa tell everyone they are going to build more nuclear reactors and then turn around and incite rebellions on russian borders is a losing strategy because they cannot win a war with russia who has already told them over in syria that if a war breaks out that a nuclear power plant in the region could be a big problem.

      SS: i believe that threatening sanctions is another losing strategy considering how weak and on the verge of collapse the usa and world economy is with the usa dollar reserve currency. china has all the gold while the usa has very little or none and britian has tungsten filled gold in their vaults. escalating the economic wars is a losing strategy too.

      SS: there is one winning strategy, respecting and making peace with russia and cleaning up the penguin church catastrophes as putin has offered. investing massively into science and engineering. this fusion plant is the breakthrough that has been desperately needed to replace nuclear power. it is doable but countries need to come together and invest and develop this new technology. in the process of developing this technology other breakthroughs are likely. and this path will lead us to more exploration of our solar system and the andromedan martian artifacts that i have been talking about for years as a secret order priority. that path will be a whole lot better and more fun as a world than the path of suicide poison we are on now.

      SS: if we invest in research then maybe we can find a way to neutralize radiation particles and clean the land and oceans. if were tuned with “soul of earth” then would try. unfortunately i do not believe that obama is the leader that the usa needs atm. inciting rebellions to turn everyone attention away from the catastrophes is not leadership. it is time for obama to be replaced with a real leader. obama wants to protect a pedophile penguin from the catastrophes he caused by telling everyone to use the harmonic mahabharata weapons instead of protecting the american people and benefiting the world.

      The lasers fuelling hopes of unlimited, clean nuclear energy Thursday 13 February 2014 A milestone has been reached in the 60-year struggle to harness the nuclear reactions that power the Sun in an experiment that could lead to a way of producing an unlimited source of clean and sustainable energy in the form of nuclear fusion. Scientists in California said on Wednesday night that they have for the first time managed to release more energy from their nuclear fusion experiment than they put into it, which marks a critical threshold in eventually achieving the goal of a self-sustaining nuclear-fusion reaction.

      Scientists have shown how a fusion reaction can extract more fuel from nuclear material than was put into it, a key step towards hope of harnessing the power of the stars to provide cheap, bountiful energy. But, says Gautam Naik, big challenges lie ahead. Photo: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Wall Street Journal)

      This undated image provided by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shows a deuterium and tritium capsule, sphere in window at center, inside a cylindrical hohlraum container about 0.4 inches tall. In research reported Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014 by the journal Nature, scientists say they’ve taken a key step toward harnessing nuclear fusion as a new way to generate power, an idea that has been pursued for decades. In tests, 192 laser beams briefly fired into the small gold cylinder which held the two kinds of hydrogen. The energy from the lasers kicked off a process that compressed the ball by an amount akin to squeezing a basketball down to the size of a pea, said Debbie Callahan, an author of the paper. That created the extremely high pressure and temperatures needed to get the hydrogen atoms to fuse. (AP Photo/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Eddie Dewald)

      Some scientists say nuclear fusion may be the answer to meeting the world’s increasing demand for energy. Providing a near-inexhaustible source, it could in theory generate four million times more power than coal, oil or natural gas. (AFP VIDEOGRAPHIC)


        Of the Waveform Potential Astral Etheric Hyper-Dimension

        SS: cern is saying they might have found two higgs bosons .. i always try to remember that something only exists as a waveform potential until it is perceived by consciousness. in a world of polarity which is an illusion it might be possible to see the opposite polarities of the same thing that is not physical but exists still in it’s waveform potential . if one lab is perceiving one higgs boson vibrating at one frequency and another lab perceives another higgs boson at different frequency at their lab then we have to consider this possibility .

        SS: we have a tendency to think in a 3d world because that is what we are used to perceiving .  however once we reach the quantum level all rules change. we know we can have percieve the same atom in two places .since they are splitting this particles then we have to think what we are perceiving are waves then we are seeing what something that exists as a waveform potential that has not yet become physical by perception . when apply polestar sciences to this waveform potential dimension then we then can use the laws of polarity, the laws of non-polarity, and the laws of consciousness to see how the illusion works and the chaotic quantum theory might be not as chaotic as we thought but instead follows these polestar laws. with the confirmed discovery of this whole new hyper dimension of waveform potential would be a breakthrough in physics could lead to new technologies.

        SS: if can split something apart into waveform potential frequencies vibrating in a hyper-dimensional space then maybe we can put something back together or polarize it. it probably is a secret to how the martians were able to create black hole etheric tunnels back to their andromeda galaxy .. the light is not destroyed when it enters the black hole, it instead splits apart into the two waveform potentials and exists as a waveform potential in this etheric hyper-dimension . it would fit the super strings theory that the higgs boson is gravity travels to higher dimensions because it is not bound to the brane . there are different kinds of black holes because a black hole at the center of a galaxy is not the same kind of a black hole as a collapsed star . the collapsed star is not really dead it has reached singularity which cause it to become waveform potential which means we understand that gravity is actually a higgs boson with two different frequencies vibrating in the waveform potential hyper-dimension .

        SS: discovering the higgs boson waveform potential hyper-dimension at the same time as find an andromedan space ship of an advanced civilization who probably already knew all about this hyper-dimension .. black holes are permanent but our string theory is possible to form temporary “black holes” or “warped time space passages” . that might be why the andromedans send a brown dwarf system with planet and an entire fleet.. maybe their technology requires a connection at both ends to form a temporary “black hole passage” .. probably has something to do with gravity . i think “Paul” is right .. if u didn’t watch the movie then ya totally missed it..

        “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,” — Hawking

        Second, because of the curious fact that gravity has negative energy, it takes no energy to make a universe. Despite the colossal amount of energy contained in every atom of matter, it is precisely balanced by the negativity of gravity. — Gribbon

        ” To return to the main magical theory, the Quintessence, said they, or Universal Substance (which some strove to identify with Hyle, others with the Luminiferous AEther) is the two-in-one, liquid and solid, the former part being also twofold, fluid and gaseous, and the latter earthy and fiery. The combination of these four phases of Zro accounted for the universe. This quintessence is Zro in some state unknown and incalculable. Some expected to find it in its twelfth state, some in a seventeenth, others in a thirty-seventh: all this was pure guesswork. ” — Liber Li by A.’. A.’.

        The latest results from the Atlas experiment indicate that there may be two different Higgs bosons–one that weighs 123.5 GeV (in blue) and another that’s 126.6 GeV (in red).

        A computer screen is pictured before a scientific seminar to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Meyrin, near Geneva July 4, 2012. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

          Of the Etheric “Higgs Boson Field” Theory

          SS: i am try to help smoothe out and develop this physics theory with my astral etheric theories .. the two images above shows “a particle with mass” traveling through what call the “higgs boson field” . i happen to read an article which had this video about this “higgs boson field” and realized they were actually talking about the etheric .

          SS: let me describe secret order etheric: is a fluid liquid like water medium that uses tetrahdron molecular bonding which can change states from a crystalline ice state to a liquid state .. this etheric has NO FRICTION .. this no friction liquid etheric is important because within this ether vibrates the astral light “super-strings” oscillations . these oscillations once vibrating in this frictionless ether will vibrate forever unless another vibration exactly opposite peak to trough cancels the oscillation . diamonds, ice, water are the main objects that use tetrahedron molecular bonding .

          SS: the etheric’s ability to change from water form into a crystalline ice form, or from a crystalline ice form to a liquid form can explain the “higgs boson field” theory . CERN describes the “higgs boson field” as a medium of snow. well that is very close to the secret order etheric medium that i have described as a frictionless water ice .

          If we shrink down small enough we will find one extra tiny curled up dimension at every point in space.  The idea that extra dimensions exist all around us lies at the heart of string theory. In fact, the mathematics of string theory demand six extra dimensions twisted and curled into complex little shapes.

          If we shrunk down small enough to fly into one these six dimensional shapes predicted by string theory we would see how the extra dimensions are twisted and curled back on each other influencing how strings fundamental ingredient of our universe move and vibrate ..

          The tiny curled up six dimensional shapes predicted by the theory cause one string to vibrate precisely in the right way to produce what we see as a proton, and another string to vibrate in a different way  producing an electron. — Elegant Universe Briane Greene

          SS: the secret order theory is that two multi-dimensional branes collided one being the etheric and the other the astral .. the strings are the astral and what determines their density is their vibration .. if it vibrates with the density of a proton then forms etheric ice shell of a proton .. this microcosmic scale is nearly identical to the macrocosm scale planetary formation theory that all moons and planets and pristine objects in the solar system have radioactive cores and etheric ice shells .

          SS: this etheric has more properties that polarization forms 3d sinkhole and the etheric ice will change form from it’s etheric ice form into a solid form or into a liquid form .. the vibration of the astral string is what determines it’s formation as like the methane moon titan which it’s regenerating tetrahedron ice shell is forming tetrahedron liquid methane . something might be vibrating in the 3d sinkhole dimension and also the other dimensions too at the same time and even interacting and this interaction is why the regeneration properties of the etheric .

          SS: CERN is saying that the denser the object the more it interacts with the etheric medium . that agrees with super strings theory and the secret order astral etheric theory .. that “higgs boson field” is a multi-dimensional etheric fluid . CERN said that interaction with this fluid causes that “vibrating super string” oscillating in this etheric medium to gain mass .. that is why it is regenerative because the etheric will continue to be a source for new etheric ice as it is changing form to liquid form or solid form as long as the “super string” is vibrating in the core.

          SS: below shows what they call a “particle” which might be true but if it is not interacting with the “Higgs Boson Field” then it is probably a graviton astral state .. let’s call it a “wave form potential” or even a “scalar potential” because gravitons have special properties that allow them to travel into the higher dimensions and even travel to other 3d sinkholes .

          SS: can also think of the “wave form potential” in this way . according to quantum physics something does not exist until consciousness perceives it .. until consciousness perceives it then it is still in it’s waveform potential form .. when it is perceived then it begins to materialize by the gravity oscillation starts to vibrate in such a way that it attracts etheric ice becoming more dense and like titan will develop depending on how the astral core develops .. as with titan it began to produce liquid methane . this “wave form potential” theory also applies to objects like comets entering the inner solar system for the first time .. they only exist as a higher dimensional “wave form potential” until consciousness perceives them .

            Of the Cygnus X-1 Black Hole

            SS: the secrets of black holes for those who are interested in science. this blog will be my first blog into this very complex subject and i think as new data surfaces and i have thought more on the subject that the black hole theory will grow .. i will have a future blog soon regarding the andromeda galaxy and the triangulum galaxy and how i think that the black holes are etheric tunnels between branes.

            An enormous amount of mass like that of a very dense star concentrated into a small area would warp the fabric of space/time so severely that nothing not even light could escape it’s gravitational pull. Theory of relativity (the large universal objects) and theory of quantum mechanics (the small atomic objects) breaks down here .

            An artist’s concept of NuSTAR on orbit. The mission’s launch is slated for this spring, though no firm date has been set. NuSTAR has two identical optics modules in order to increase sensitivity. The background is an image of the galactic center obtained with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. NASA/JPL-Caltech

            NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, has taken its first snapshots of the highest-energy X-rays in the cosmos (lower right), producing images that are much crisper than previous high-energy telescopes (example in upper right). Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

            SS: the cygnus X-1  black hole is located in the northern triangle with the polestar VEGA which is consciousness .. i have talked about the atlantean high house and that this atlantean high house is located in the northern triangle .. my theory is that the andromedan martians had sent the martian brown dwarf system through an etheric tunnel to reach this brane and as long as they had the brown dwarf system in the solar system then they maintained their etheric tunnel to andromeda .. however after the proto-star ignited the martian brown dwarf destroyed then the etheric tunnel was closed hence why the andromedans are now moving into collision with our solar system because they lost their etheric tunnel connection.

            SS: because the secret order destroyed the martian brown dwarf now the etheric tunnel is connected to cygnus X-1 in the northern triangle which is the atlantean high house .. the secret order captured the black hole located in the center of the milky way last night when the sagitarius dwarf galaxy collided with the milky way .. that is why the milky way black hole is located in the sagitarius constellation and to the atlantean high house in northern triangle.

            SS: i think that new wormholes can be created .. the reason is because of the 2004 SGR supernova that cause a “Gravity Wave” to affect the earth on the Boxing Day earthquake .. it was a warping and stretching of space. i think that “Gravity Waves” travel at the speed of thought which of course they would if gravitons are beehive soul consciousness .

            Imagine the above is the city of Manhattan .. Einstein said space was not static but rather could warp and stretch and there could even be unusual structures of space called wormholes. A wormhole is a bridge or a tunnel that can link distant regions of space .. in effect a cosmic shortcut. To create a wormhole you have to rip or tear a hole in the fabric of space. Einstien says that space can stretch and warp but it cannot rip and that wormholes may already exist but you cannot rip space to form new ones.

            String theory suggest otherwise. Looking at the fabric of space where it is random and chaotic … rips and tears might be commonplace but if they were these rips might cause a cosmic catastrophe .. strings calm the chaos .. and as a single string dances through space it sweeps out a tube .. the tube can act like a bubble that surrounds the tear like a protective shield .. strings actually make it possible for space to rip. This means that space is far more dynamic and changeable than Einstien thought. — The Elegant Universe

            Dr Quantum – Entanglement In the book “Provocative Cosmology – Unification”, a phenomenon whereby all matter within the universe is connected is both discussed and explained. This is what Quantum Physicist refer to when they use the term “Entanglement”.

            Wormholes are just quantum entangled black holes, says new research December 5, 2013 Both quantum entanglement and wormholes share a very important property: They appear to be linked through some kind of dimension or medium that we can’t yet discern. With quantum entanglement, two particles can be separated by an infinite amount of space, and yet they still seem to be able to communicate their quantum state instantly, much faster than the speed of light. Wormholes, if they exist, would bend the fabric of spacetime to allow faster-than-light travel between two arbitrary points — just like entangled particles.

            How Quantum Entanglement Works (Infographic) April 08, 2013 In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. The phenomenon so riled Albert Einstein he called it “spooky action at a distance.” The rules of quantum physics state that an unobserved photon exists in all possible states simultaneously but, when observed or measured, exhibits only one state. Spin is depicted here as an axis of rotation, but actual particles do not rotate. Entanglement occurs when a pair of particles, such as photons, interact physically. A laser beam fired through a certain type of crystal can cause individual photons to be split into pairs of entangled photons. The photons can be separated by a large distance, hundreds of miles or even more.

              Of the “Quark-Gluon” Friction Free Etheric

              SS: science has now proven another of secret order theories that the etheric is a friction free water-like liquid that oscillations will oscillate forever in .. science is calling it “quark-gluon plasma” which was found at both ends of the pole of hot and cold .. in a previous blog i talked about how tetrahedron molecular bonding that tetrahedron crystals grow solid form and then are changed into another liquid form by internal heating. i have also talked about etheric iceballs like the haumea moon . the ether is a friction free liquid like the tetrahedron water that an oscillation will oscillate forever unless another oscillation of opposite peak to trough cancels it.. i think this “quark-gluon” plasma is polarized version of the friction free etheric since everything in this 3D sinkhole is polarization and the reason why we see it at the two opposite poles of heat and cold .

              SS: penguin cult church says the secret order are atheist. well we never said we didnt believe in gods, we just dont believe in penguin cult church version of “god”. the secret order has said many times that “every man and every women is a star” and by this we are talking about the “scalar potential” which is a string that vibrates in the friction free etheric .. it is normally bound to the brane but when is freed when it is tuned to “soul of earth” and forms a “closed-loop scalar potential” it then becomes a graviton that is then free to pass into the higher dimensions that i have talked about and the egyptians and mayans have shown the doorways and pathways ..

              SS: the pharoahs are gods and the “singers and enchantress of amun” are goddess .. this is why we have a priestess because she has “soul power” to cause “beehive consciousness” . some of these pharoahs and priestess queenBees have multiple souls. these beehive priestess queenBee develop what is called an eclipsing binary “scalar potential” . a “scalar potential” is a string and is the soul consciousness and is either bound to the brane or is a full looped string called a graviton sometimes called the god particle.

              SS: the three polestars are THUBAN is kundalini dragon which rises to the northern triangle and pacified in the lunar node of the swan which forms the “full-looped scalar potential” or ringed nebula found in the constellation lyra with the polestar VEGA is beehive consciousness. the polestar POLARIS is the polarization of the one thing into many which is illusion . at the end of the day *all of illusion* is destroyed and only consciousness lives again.. i have shown in previous blog how must rise like the phoenix in the dragon furnace to the Orion Stargate and this will form the “full looped scalar potential” with compression reaches the astral light beehive consciousness and from there must tune with the polestar Vega in the northern triangle .

              SS: there are some that say *energy* is required to create a universe and life .. however instead we know that a universe will come into being by gravity .. we can see this same gravity phenomena in star formation and discovery of the astral light by scientific instruments. the confirmation discovery of the graviton also helps prove secret order theories regarding beehive consciousness and the passages to the higher netherlands from the underworld and also about the astral light .

              Atom Smasher Sets Guinness Record for Hottest Man-Made Temperature 26 June 2012 The new feat, at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y., occurred when gold nuclei (the positively charged part of the atom made of protons and neutrons) were sent speeding around RHIC at near light-speed until they crashed into each other. When the ions collide, the enormous energy released is so intense it melts the neutrons and protons inside the gold nuclei into their constituent parts, namely quarks and gluons.

              This soup of quarks and gluons formed nearly friction-free primordial plasma thought to resemble the stuff that filled the universe just after the Big Bang created it some 13.7 billion years ago. (This matter would have cooled and condensed to form the protons and neutrons that make up the matter here today.)

              On 4 July 2012, the two main experiments at the LHC (ATLAS and CMS) both reported independently that they found a new particle with a mass of about 125 GeV/c2 (about 133 proton masses, on the order of 10-25 kg), which is “consistent with the Higgs boson”. They acknowledged that further work would be needed to conclude that it is indeed the Higgs boson (meaning that it has the theoretically predicted properties of the Higgs boson) and to determine which version of the Standard Model it best supported, if confirmed.

              “Closed loops of strings do exist .. and one kind is responsible for gravity and is called a graviton. Because the closed loop has no loose ends to tie down it can escape to higher dimensions thus making it appear weaker than the other forces of nature ..” — The Elegant Universe

              FILE – In this May 20, 2011 file photo, a physicist explains the ATLAS experiment on a board at the European Center for Nuclear Research, CERN, outside Geneva, Switzerland. The illustration shows what the long-presumed Higgs boson particle is thought to look like. Scientists at CERN plan to make an announcement on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 about their hunt for the elusive sub-atomic particle. Physicists have said previously they are increasingly confident that they are closing in on it based on hints at its existence hidden away in reams of data. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus, File)

              This graphic shows traces of colliding particles measured with the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Physicists say they have found a new sub-atomic particle consistent with the Higgs boson, which is believed to confer mass. (AFP Photo/Fabrice Coffrini)

                “Soul of Earth” Polestar Sciences Part One


                SS: the new NASA epic space-time experiment has proven that there is a space-time vortex around earth. now this is very complicated and can mean a lot of things ..this confirmation of this 4th dimensional swirl proves that time and space is actually an illusion. however, the first thing i want to focus on is the “soul of earth” frequency and spin axis precession of a planet .

                SS: this is secret order polestar sciences and most of it i hve discover and develop myself .. this is part one laying the foundation for multiple blogs on this polestar sciences due to complexity will require more than one blog to cover some of the other i wanted to talk about in this blog .

                NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment May 4, 2011  Time and space, according to Einstein’s theories of relativity, are woven together, forming a four-dimensional fabric called “space-time.” The mass of Earth dimples this fabric, much like a heavy person sitting in the middle of a trampoline. Gravity, says Einstein, is simply the motion of objects following the curvaceous lines of the dimple. If Earth were stationary, that would be the end of the story. But Earth is not stationary. Our planet spins, and the spin should twist the dimple, slightly, pulling it around into a 4-dimensional swirl. This is what GP-B went to space in 2004 to check.



                SS: i have always said that the entire solar system is a soul and that each globe was the 3D manifestation of different parts of this soul . because of the law “As Above So Below” the “scalar oscillation” of a planet must manifest as a complex globe in this 3D sinkhole illusion .. and that this solar system soul is a natural system governed by laws and these laws are part of this secret order polestar sciences that i have developed .

                SS: although i have always considered mars and the outer planets as not originally part of this solar system but rather part of a brown dwarf system that became part of this fixed star solar system after the protostar ignition. we must consider that a brown dwarf system that provides life giving heat to a planet like mars orbiting it would be it’s own soul and not the same soul as the fixed sun that its remnants now find themselves orbiting .



                SS: the first thing i want to point out is that gravity is a graviton or a closed loop string that vibrates at a frequency . when i am talking about ” soul of earth ” i am talking about a frequency .. the earth does have a frequency it is called the schumann resonance ..

                SS: the earth must have a “soul of earth” frequency graviton to have gravity .. and we have learned in previous blogs that gravity is actually the astral light, or at least one part of the twofold astral light .  in alchemy the magma of the earth is connected to the astral light, and we find vortexes of non-polarized geomagnetic energy rise from the ground near volcanic hotspots that cause an intensification of the schumann resonance .

                SS: i have always thought that a change in the precession of the earth would cause a change in frequency of this “soul of earth ” .. the precession of the earth is a change in the spin axis of the earth and this change cause different polestars to rule .. the past ruling polestar was THUBAN which rules non-polarized energy and this was last night during the protostar phase of the solar system or soul .. after the ignition of the protostar the earth’s spin axis changed to our current polestar “POLARIS” which rules laws of polarity, and the next future polestar will be VEGA  .

                SS: well now we have NASA show us that if there is a shift in the spin axis of an object with what they call a magnetic london moment like the earth and it’s magentic field there is a change in frequency .. you can see in the above graphics that as the object with this magnetic field begins to change it’s spin axis, just like the earth changes its precession spin axis, there is a change in frequency .. in other words the frequency of the “soul of earth” changes as the earth precession changes to the next polestar.


                SS: now consciousness is connected to this “soul of earth” frequency called the schumann resonance. the different states of consciousness vibrate as the same frequencies as the schumann resonance .. Alpha occupies a frequency range of approximately 8 to 13 Hz. Theta a frequency of 4 to 7 Hz. Delta a frequency of 1 to 3 Hz. and Beta a frequency of 18 to 22 Hz. .. these four brain waves fall within the range of at least the first three schumann resonances.. if we consider high Beta brain wave activity, “above 22 Hz.“ more resonances can be utilized.

                SS: since the “soul of earth” is  graviton frequency cause schumann resonance then to become tuned to this “soul of earth” then the consciousness or “scalar potential”  must also form a graviton (to become scalar instead bound to membrane) .. since the astral light is gravity then to merge back into the astral consciousness must be a graviton, if it remains bound to the membrane it will not escape to the higher dimensions be born into the next world or “soul of earth” frequency . here is an experiment conducted with a white buffalo that shows this “scalar potential” that has formed the “ring of soul” and returned to the source which is the astral light .


                  Of the Astral Light Star Formation

                  SS: this is an update to a previous blog about the astral light being discovered and proven by scientific instruments .. it might get several updates before it is finally completed .. we found that the astral light is the building block of galaxies and solar systems, and now we are discovering the details of it’s workings .

                  Herschel links star formation to sonic booms 13 April 2011 ESA’s Herschel space observatory has revealed that nearby interstellar clouds contain networks of tangled gaseous filaments. Intriguingly, each filament is approximately the same width, hinting that they may result from interstellar sonic booms throughout our Galaxy.

                  Herschel unravels the thread of star formation in the Gould Belt 13 Apr 2011 An intricate network of filamentary structure, exposed in extraordinary detail by the Herschel Space Observatory, has provided new evidence for how stars form from the diffuse interstellar medium. These filaments, located in giant molecular clouds in the Gould Belt, all exhibit remarkably similar widths – about one third of a light year – but only the densest ones contain pre-stellar cores, the seeds of future stars. These data suggest star formation is a two-step process: first turbulence stirs up the gas, giving rise to a web-like structure, then gravity takes over and governs the further fragmentation of filaments into stars.

                  Dense filaments of gas in the IC5146 interstellar cloud. This image was taken by ESA’s Herschel space observatory at infrared wavelengths 70, 250 and 500 microns. Stars are forming along these filaments. Credits: ESA/Herschel/SPIRE/PACS/D.

                  SS: first i want to compare these articles with the articles from my previous blog .. we are seeing what appears to be the same thing happening at the micro level that we are seeing in the above macro level . below at the micro level it says that the sonic boom shock waves are the building blocks of galaxies .. if this is so then it must also be the same force that causes star formation .

                  SS: at the micro level below dark matter gravity is like a “spider web” heats the gas by pulling it in and this causes sonic booms shock waves .. the above macro says that “turbulence” stirs up the gas giving it a “web-like” structure and then gravity takes over to form star cores seeds and proto-stars.. these two are nearly identical and so i think we are seeing the same process happening at both the micro and macro levels and if we study the macro then we can understand what is happening at the micro level as well . “As Above So Below” .

                  Missing matter found in deep space ” The ethereal strands of hydrogen and oxygen atoms could account for up to half the matter that scientists knew must be there but simply could not see, the researchers reported on Tuesday. “It is kind of like a spider web. The gravity of the spider web is what produced what we see,” Shull said in a telephone interview. “It’s very thin. Some of it is very hot gas, almost a million degrees.” This is where the dark matter comes in. The dark matter is heating up the gas, Shull said. “Dark matter has gravity. It pulls the gas in,” Shull said. “This causes what I call sonic booms — shock waves. This shock heats it to a million degrees. That makes it even harder to see.” The atoms of oxygen are in a stripped-down, ionized form. Five of the eight electrons are gone. It emits an ultraviolet spectrum of light that instruments aboard FUSE and Hubble can spot, Shull said. These web-like filaments of matter are the structure upon which the galaxies form, he said.”

                  SS: now we compare the two fold astral light with the above micro process: “fluid gaseous” is the thin gas and “earthy fiery” is the gravity which is heating the gas causing the sonic booms shock waves .. if scroll down can see it says that there is ice and gas and it gets pulled into the proto-star by gravity.. it is this astral light that is the cause of these filaments of gas to clump together to cause star formation from the micro level all the way to the macro level. just as the secret order told us over a hundred years ago we find this astral light in different states and this is why we are seeing the same process at the micro level that we see at the macro level .

                  ” To return to the main magical theory, the Quintessence, said they, or Universal Substance (which some strove to identify with Hyle, others with the Luminiferous AEther) is the two-in-one, liquid and solid, the former part being also twofold, fluid and gaseous, and the latter earthy and fiery. The combination of these four phases of Zro accounted for the universe. This quintessence is Zro in some state unknown and incalculable. Some expected to find it in its twelfth state, some in a seventeenth, others in a thirty-seventh: all this was pure guesswork. ” — Liber Li by A.’. A.’.

                  SS: stars at the macro level pull in gas into themselves we know this from study of our own star the sun . first a star is a seed core formed by the above process of shock waves causing gas to clump together to form proto-star which gravity continues play a role in the proto-star formation into a sun because the protostar is a large clump of gas falling in on itself due to this gravity and eventually it explodes into a sun, a sonic boom shock wave send the planetary disk out to form an oort cloud where comets originate. this is the exact same process we are seeing at the micro level where gravity is pulling in the gas and heating it and causing sonic boom shock waves .

                  NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed a dusty star system being soaked with a “steamy rain” of water vapor. The water, pulled from gassy stellar leftovers into a dusty disk, provides what astronomers think is the first direct look at how the life-giving liquid makes its way into planets. The disk is the same sort of thing that forms around many stars and, in the case of our sun, was the seedbed for planet formation. CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech

                  This artist’s concept, released on July 24, 2006, shows a dusty planet-forming disk in orbit around a whirling young star. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that disks like this one can slow their stars down, which prevents the stars from spinning themselves to death. A developing star is essentially a giant ball of gas that is collapsing onto itself. As it shrinks, it spins faster and faster, like a skater folding in his or her arms. As gravity continues to pull matter inward, the star spins so fast, it starts to flatten out. The same principle applies to the planet Saturn, whose spin has caused it to be slightly squashed or oblate.  REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC)/Handout (UNITED STATES)

                  SOHO’s latest surprise: gas near the Sun heading the wrong way 20-Nov-2001 ” Mysterious clouds of gas falling towards the Sun have been spotted with the ESA-NASA SOHO spacecraft. They go against the fast-moving streams of gas that pour out continuously into space, in the solar wind. In today’s issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters, the scientists who found them suggest that the inflows are due to frequent local adjustments to the Sun’s magnetic field. The discovery promises a better understanding of the sources of the solar magnetism that envelops the Earth, quarrels with our own planet’s field, and to some extent protects us from cosmic rays coming from the stars. “

                    Winter Waves

                    SS: so here is a formula: astral light + etheric equals what ?? this is a formula based upon proven scientific phenomena and latest physics theories .. to really understand the formula we have to understand string physics . that is the very basics . in the “hydromechanical ether” theory the etheric has no friction . it is a friction free hyperdimension in which oscillations oscillate .

                    SS: the astral light is another dimension itself . to understand this we must understand quantum physics .in the quantum physics world all the laws of relativity are out the window . that is the thing about relativity, it only exists in the three d world we perceive but behind that are the hyper-dimensions that have their own laws . the quantum must exist so that our world we perceive will exist .. without the quantum then relativity could not exist .

                    SS: the astral light programs the quantum which in turn sets an oscillation into motion in the etheric . now the secret order has the astral light tonight there is no doubt and can easily be proven . the fact the moon exists is proof . vyasadeva recorded a mahabharata war and in this war there was another side who cause the ether to move by other means . however they lost the war because the astral would back-fire the waves and the most amount of damage is caused by a back-fired etheric waves .. that is just some history .

                    SS: where we stand tonight is obvious. no etheric oscillations are allowed that do not originate from the source . the moon travels along the ecliptic and that is the way it is always going to be .. all rogue waves will be canceled just as they have been all night .. the ether is like a charged wall it just zaps back-fires immediately now .

                    SS: my theories are very solid . some say they are not even theories anymore. it’s not like there are not going to be any more waves all of a sudden . that is one thing we know for sure that there is going to be more . however, my research indicates they are now more frequent and bigger lately .

                    A rainbow is seen over downtown Belgrade, November 18, 2010. REUTERS/Marko Djurica (SERBIA – Tags: CITYSCAPE ENVIRONMENT)

                    Large waves hit the Lake Michigan shore at Oak Street Beach during a winter storm Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

                    Large waves hit the Lake Michigan shore at Oak Street Beach during a winter storm Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

                    Waves off Lake Erie crash ashore east of downtown Cleveland Monday, Dec. 13, 2010. A howling winter storm that could last until mid-week pummeled northern Ohio on Monday with snow and gusting winds that made temperatures feel like zero. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

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