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Of the Ancient Iapetus Battlestation Moon

SS: i have claimed for the secret order this battlestation moon .. the reason i call it this is because it looks exactly like the deathstar in the movie star wars .. in the cassini images below we are looking at ancient artifact that appears to run around the equator of the moon .

Equatorial ridge A further mystery of Iapetus is the equatorial ridge that runs along the center of Cassini Regio, about 1,300 km long, 20 km wide, 13 km high. It was discovered when the Cassini spacecraft imaged Iapetus on December 31, 2004. Parts of the ridge rise more than 20 km above the surrounding plains. The ridge forms a complex system including isolated peaks, segments of more than 200 km and sections with three near parallel ridges.[27] Within the bright regions there is no ridge, but there are a series of isolated 10 km peaks along the equator.[28] The ridge system is heavily cratered, indicating that it is ancient. The prominent equatorial bulge gives the moon a walnut-like appearance. It is not clear how the ridge formed. One difficulty is to explain why it follows the equator almost perfectly.

SS: below is an orbit of iapetus around saturn .. notice how far out it is compared to all the other saturn moons .. there is no other moon object in the entire solar system with this strange of an orbit that is not only very far from the planet but also it does not orbit the equator but rather a very strange orbit far north and south of the poles of saturn .. click on the orbital map below to have a closer look at this strange orbit .

SS: if this object were a battlestation in the previous protostar “timezone” then it probably was in this orbit around the brown dwarf . that explains the strange orbit . this not a moon it is an artifact which makes wonder why martians have moon-sized battlestation orbiting their brown dwarf . i suspect it had the capability to move the brown dwarf system and also maintained the brown dwarf convection .. the two asteroid moons of mars are both orbits are circling into the martian planet and eventually will crash into the planet like they are satellites instead of moons . this solar system has ancient artifacts from previous brown dwarf system .

Iapetus raw image was taken on June 04, 2011 and received on Earth June 06, 2011. The camera was pointing toward IAPETUS at approximately 1,009,573 kilometers away, and the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

    Of the Wandering Brown Dwarfs

    SS: i think these free floating planets are actually brown dwarfs that have left the accretion disc of a star or that never reached the accretion disc of another star when it failed to become a star .. as long as a brown dwarf remains inside the accretion disc of a star it will stay molten and warm .. however when it leaves the accretion disc it will begin to cool and shrink .

    Free-Floating Planets May be More Common Than Stars May 18, 2011 PASADENA, Calif. — Astronomers, including a NASA-funded team member, have discovered a new class of Jupiter-sized planets floating alone in the dark of space, away from the light of a star. The team believes these lone worlds were probably ejected from developing planetary systems.

    This artist’s conception provided by NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech shows a newly discovered type of planet that wanders freely or follows very loose orbits. Astronomers have the mysterious denizens of the Milky Way are apparently as common as the stars. One expert called the discovery a huge surprise. (AP Photo/NASA JPL-Caltech)

    SS: brown dwarfs many times have a planet orbiting them that formed in their accretion discs .. this is what i talk about mars orbiting a brown dwarf while in orbit around our solar systems protostar .. the protostar planets form closer in to the protostar in the accretion disc while the brown dwarf system orbits further out in the accretion disc .

    SS: inner planets formed near protostar during protstar phase were Earth, Venus, and Mercury .. while outer planets mars and jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus gas giants were brown dwarf system . mars and the brown dwarf system was destroyed by the protostar ignition process .

    SS: this brown dwarf system was destroyed when the protostar ignited sent all the comets and moons accelerating outwards and many of these moons ripped right through the brown dwarf causing it to separate it’s gases into four separate globes .. like an alchemical science experiment in which separation of substances in a liquid and the lightest gas floats to the top of the vessel, the the heavy sink to the bottom, and another remains floating in the center, this same phenomena happen to the brown dwarf . if we were to place saturn on the pacific ocean it would float, jupiter and neptune would sink to the bottom, and uranus sink in the water but not to the bottom it would float in the middle of the water .

    Just to give you some comparison, the density of water is 1 g/sm3. In other words, if you had a bathtub big enough, Neptune would sink into it. This is different for Saturn which has a density of less than 1. While Neptune sinks, Saturn would float.

    Uranus is the second least dense planet The least dense planet in the Solar System is Saturn. In fact, Saturn has such a low density that it would float on water if you could find a pool large enough. Uranus comes in second as the least dense planets in the Solar System.

    SS: alchemy is a hermetic science and is based purely upon astral light sciences that have since been proven as science facts .. in alchemy are three prime substances sulphur and mercury .. and salt . which we have a salt moon around saturn and we have a mercury planet, and io is our sulphur moon . in alchemy in separation we would find these three in substances separation like that of a brown dwarf separation . it is alchemy and we have all the objects required for an alchemical separation like i have describe happen during the proto-star ignition and polarization of the solar system .

    SS: the moon IO, which i will have polestar science blog on soon, is a volcanic sulphur moon orbiting jupiter. it continuously eruption of sulphuric magma which is different than earth magma .. this sulphuric moon is the reflection of the sulphur that is used in alchemy to separate the substances. although the actual cause was many astral objects impacting the brown dwarf during proto-star ignition .

    SUN AND MOON ENGENDER MERCURY VIA SULPHUR AND SALT  — PARACELSUS ” The main substances are salt, sulphur, and mercury. In the chapter I have already drawn attention to the alchemy of the three principals. ” — The Magic Flute By Matheus Berk

    The methods used by early medicinal chemists to obtain pure substances from naturally occurring mixtures are still used today. Since the physical properties of different pure substances are different, physical methods can be used to separate a mixture into its component pure substances. When a volcanic rock containing sulfur is heated, the sulfur turns from solid to gas (sublimes) and recondenses as a virtually pure solid on any nearby cool surface; the remainder of the rock remains behind as a solid. Quite pure sulfur can easily be prepared in this way.

    Formation of Brown Dwarfs Evolution of a brown dwarf begins with its formation in a fragment of a giant molecular cloud with a radius of about 1013 centimeters (or 10-5 light-years). Within the first one million years the cloud fragment condenses into a brown dwarf with an accretion disk (with a radius about 25×109 centimeters) and a peak temperature of about 2,600 degrees Kelvin. In some instances, a planet may form in orbit around the brown dwarf from the material in the accretion disk. After a few million years, the brown dwarf begins a long cooling period as it slowly radiates its heat to space. During the following 10,000 million years the brown dwarf becomes progressively more compact and cooler. Astronomers can get a general estimate of a brown dwarf’s age by its temperature and its mass.

    What are brown dwarfs? Collapsing `stars’ with total masses below a certain critical level, about one tenth the mass of the Sun, never become hot enough to trigger nuclear reactions. These `failed stars’ are known as ‘brown dwarfs’.  Unlike stars, brown dwarfs have no central energy source to maintain their luminosity; the only energy available is the heat stored during the collapse of the parent gas cloud. As that energy is radiated and lost, the brown dwarf gradually cools and fades into oblivion. The rate of cooling is mass dependent a brown dwarf just below the hydrogen-burning limit can take 10 billion years to reach 10-6L(sun) a brown dwarf of 0.01 M(sun) (10 Jupiter masses) takes only 107 years to reach the same limit.  Very low-mass stars, brown dwarfs and gas-giant planets are almost identical in size. This is due to a property known as degeneracy: the atoms and molecules are as closely packed as possible, so `less stuff’ doesn’t mean smaller.

    Brown Dwarf Lithium: Lithium is generally present in brown dwarfs and not in low-mass stars. Stars, which achieve the high temperature necessary for fusing hydrogen, rapidly deplete their lithium. This occurs by a collision of Lithium-7 and a proton producing two Helium-4 nuclei. The temperature necessary for this reaction is just below the temperature necessary for hydrogen fusion. Convection in low-mass stars ensures that lithium in the whole volume of the star is depleted.

    SS: as the brown dwarf cools it loses it’s convection and it will begin to shrink .. that is what has happen to jupiter, it was a brown dwarf, or part of a brown dwarf since the other three gas giants were also part of the brown dwarf .. here is a brown dwarf that has cooled well below the ability to sustain a planet .. brown dwarfs systems are pretty much doomed to die ..

    SS: our current solar system appears more like an alchemical experiment more than fluke accident .. which if these gas giants were observed by superwasp then we name the gas giants sol-waspb, sol-waspc, sol-waspd, sol-waspe, since the sol-star itself would be sol-wasp . which if alchemical experiment as i have shown it is then maybe will be best if everyone makes experiment a success .

    An artist’s conception illustrates what brown dwarfs of different types might look like to a hypothetical interstellar traveler who has flown a spaceship to each one in this NASA handout photo released on August 23, 2011. Brown dwarfs are like stars, but they aren’t massive enough to fuse atoms steadily and shine with starlight — as our sun does so well. On the left is an L dwarf, in the middle is a T dwarf, and on the right is a Y dwarf. The objects are progressively cooler in atmospheric temperatures as you move from left to right. Y dwarfs are the newest and coldest class of brown dwarfs and were discovered by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE. WISE was able to detect these Y dwarfs for the first time because it surveyed the entire sky deeply at the infrared wavelengths at which these bodies emit most of their light. REUTERS/NASA/JPL/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: SCI TECH)

      Of the Summer Triangle Beehive Polestar Science



      SS: the above starmap shows all the most interesting objects found in the “northern triangle” which consists of three constellations of cygnus the swan, aquila the eagle, and lyra the lyr and swooping eagle . it is the main stars of these constellations that form this northern triangle with the polestar VEGA .. click on the starmap above to see the location of most interesting northern triangle opbjects and read about them below.

      It should be noted that Deneb of Cygnus, part of the constellation called the Northern Cross, connects to the Summer Triangle together with Vega of Lyra. (The Peruvian Llama and its young) and Altair of Aquila. The Summer (Winter) Triangle was the apparent “hearthstones” of the gods, especially that of God L, or Ophiuchus as the god/constellation.

      These stars are located below Ophiuchus in the Andes, but above that constellation north of the Equator. This configuration is the southern version of Sahagún’s clock coordinates. The three-stars are part of the Summer Triangle that may have originally portrayed the great bird figure on the Nasca Plains in Peru.

      The emphasis here on the Summer Triangle leads us to the constellation below these stars, to a more familiar one found in Peru, that of Ophiuchus, or the god who holds two serpents, one in either hand and who wears a pointed hat as in Figure 2. On the plains of Nasca, an empty space that could relate to this constellation is an area of the constellation Ophiuchus, (the most important god of the Inca) flanked by one radish with a sword (#7) and the other with what appears to be a road (#6).

      SS: i will start in cygnus the swan, the first image is called the crescent nebula which of course refers to the moon and is located next to the x-ray source blackhole cygnus x-1, the second image is of the veil nebula, i mention this because there could be many uses for a hiding ones identity or identities as in some egyptian pharoahs were known to have multiple souls. the second image of the egg nebula in the constellation of cygnus the swan i will go more into detail as it is an interesting part of cygnus and the northern triangle .

      SS:  i spoke about how the non-polarized vortex of energy ( called serpent power ) rises from the polestar in draco in constellation of the dragon ( coiled dragon serpent power ) to the summer triangle where it is first pacified in the constellation of cygnus the moon swan .. here in this book called The encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and motifs we can read about this swan egg . pass through the pacifying moon before passing through the solar stargate.

      SS: once this serpent power is pacified by the lunar node it then becomes the flying eagle and then descend again as the swooping eagle of the polestar VEGA as causing a certain graviton consciousness of lyra the scalar harp .. when we follow the milky way south we find ophiuchus also known as the beegod due to it’s blocky appearance and the milky way appearing as bees coming and going from a hive .

      SS: this egg is also an alchemical symbol . it is used in egyptian, incan/mayan/aztec, and hindu ancient sciences .. which the polestar science i describe above is also an alchemical science .. we can see that the alchemical egg symbol is that of an egg with a coiled serpent around it which perfectly describes the polestar science i have described above regarding the non-polarized vortex energy of the polestar in draco and the rising of this serpent power to the moon swan egg of the northern triangle where it is pacified before descending again as polestar VEGA.

      SS: here in this book called Max Ernst and alchemy this egg is referred to as the philosophic egg or alembic vessel and is lunar .. it also mentions the alchemical queen as being lunar which we find this pretty much everywhere the lunar moon goddesses .. which the priestess queenBee is a moon goddess, a secret order priestess as described in book 777 and other hermetic texts .. however, priestess queenBee will be found at Sirius which the egyptians did connect with the polestar VEGA because as VEGA is setting in the west then sirius is rising in the east .. the reason being both are full looped gravitons but also eclipsing binaries .

      SS: the next place of focus will be the constellation of lyra in which reside the polestar VEGA . the first image is the ring nebula which consists of a white dwarf in the center of the gaseous nebula .. in the pyramid texts written on the walls of egyptian pyramids the “ring of soul” is spoken about many times .. i think it can be represented by many things and one these is a “scalar potential” of mind that is a full loop graviton that is not bound to the brain and therefore can escape to higher dimensions by merging back with the astral from whence it came and passing through the stargates.

      SS: on the right side of the ring nebula is Sulafat and on the left is an eclipsing binary system like found in sirius called Sheliak .. when we talk about an eclipsing binary we mean that one star orbits around the other star .. the next object is called the double double .. it is a double star located near the polestar VEGA .

      SS: now this summer triangle leads us to ophiuchus the mayan beegod .. and i am try to explain how priestess queenBee is form the full loop “scalar potential” of an eclipsing binary queenStar consciousness of sirius by this secret order silver star beehive polestar sciences we have the crescent nebula in cygnus and the polestar VEGA in lyra.

      MAYAN BEE GOD The Bee image of a flying god has to be related to a stinging element. Ophiuchus has a blocky appearance with a pointed roof. It has two extra areas on each side where the radishes appear to fit. The area on the left stretches out into the Milky Way, just about where there is a break in the star formation. It gives the appearance of bees either coming or going from a hive. The two places that use a bee-god image most prominently are near the sea coast at Tulum, and in the Mississippi area of the US.

        Of the Crystalline White Moon


        SS: there are several things about this moon . first we have this new data talks about a radioactive core that is replenishing the ice on the surface of the dwarf planet and causing it to take on an ordered crystalline structure .. in chemistry there are two things that have the bonding angle of a tetrahedron and that is water and diamonds .. so if this dwarf planet is forming crystalline shell then it is forming like a diamond that would be etheric .

        Wet Dwarf: Icy surface of mini-planet Haumea discovered 13th May 2011 A ‘dwarf planet’ in the deepest reaches of our solar system is covered in crystalline ice, it has been revealed. The entire surface of Hi’iaka, one of Haumea’s two satellites along with Namaka, is also covered in this icy shell. The surface of the dwarf planet and its moon is unusual as it is crystalline and possesses an ordered structure, rather than being shapeless, amorphous ice. Named after the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth, Haumea has a rotation speed of less than four hours, one of the fastest in our solar system. Its satellites – named after the goddess Haumea’s daughters – may have been formed by another object crashing into Haumea.

        Radioactive Core Encases Dwarf Planet in Ice May 13, 2011 Another area of fascination for astronomers is a dark, reddish spot on Haumea’s surface. Irradiated minerals or organic matter may cause the discoloration.

        Dwarf planet’ is covered in crystal ice May 12, 2011 Crystalline structures are destroyed by sunlight, so other energy sources are needed to keep the ice organised on Haumea and Hi’aka, rather than meld into shapeless, amorphous frost. The ESO scientists believe that two sources are available for doing this — a trio of radiogenic elements (potassium-40, thorium-232 and uranium-238) that lie beneath the icy crust and “tidal forces” provided by the gravitational give-and-take between Haumea and her daughters.

        An illustration created by Jose Antonio Penas shows Haumea, a dwarf planet, and its two satellites. The bizarre mini-planet, which that orbits the Sun in deep space, is covered with crystallised water, European astronomers have reported. Around 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles) long, Haumea is one of the major objects of the Kuiper Belt, of objects that move in an orbit beyond Neptune. (AFP/SINC/JOSE ANTONIO PENAS/Jose Antonio Penas)

        SS: i think we need to look at this object closely as i think it is the object that impacted mars during the cataclysmic event when the proto-star ignited . they say this dwarf planet did impact something and this causes it’s very fast spin . i am thinking the reddish bruise is where this moon impacted the planet mars which cause the radioactive core to push into this direction creating this reddish irradiated material bruise .hellas basin is 2,300km while this haumea moon is about 2,000km so it fits right into the hellas impact basin ..

        SS: the data also says that the two moons of haumea were likely created during an impact .. well  looking at the mars topomap we see two impact points, one fairly large and the other smaller .. when haumea impacted mars it probably had a single moon orbiting it and this moon was the secondary impact on mars and the impact split this moon into two pieces .. the collision was violent and cause the haumea strange rugby shape and ultra-fast spin:


        Dwarf planet ‘becoming a comet’ Wednesday, 17 January 2007, 09:10 GMT An unusual dwarf planet discovered in the outer Solar System could be en route to becoming the brightest comet ever known. 2003 EL61 is a large, dense, rugby-ball-shaped hunk of rock with a fast rotation rate. Professor Mike Brown has calculated that the object could be due a close encounter with the planet Neptune. If so, Neptune’s gravity could catapult it into the inner Solar System as a short-period comet. “If you came back in two million years, EL61 could well be a comet,” said Professor Brown, from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena. “When it becomes a comet, it will be the brightest we will ever see.”

        SS: the other thing about this object is the data above from 2007 where a scientist is explaining to us that in a million years this object could be pushed into the inner solar system and become a bright comet . if this is true then we now know that the cores of comets have radioactive materials at their cores that cause comets to form crystalline icy etheric shells the same as this dwarf planet .. haumea is probably an object that is still very close to pristine state of etheric ice shell and radioactive astral core  .

        SS: the sun was not hot but instead was cool during the proto-star stage of the solar system .. all the objects in orbit, planets, moons, dwarf planets, comets, were all in this very pristine state of etheric ice and this radioactive core which i think is the astral .. the earth at that time did not have land and oceans and grass and trees,  all these did not develop until after the proto-star ignited and polarization occurred and the sun began to heat the solar system .. this however is another theory of mine that can save for another blog .

        SS: i did say that all objects were in a pristine state during the proto-star stage and this is true except for mars and the brown dwarf it orbited .. mars was a semi-developed planet by the heat of the brown dwarf it orbited .. brown dwarfs are like rechargeable batteries, as long as they are in a planetary disc like our protostar they will stay heated and provide heat for their orbiting planet .. once outside a planetary disc they begin to cool until they reach another planetary disc . brown dwarf systems are doomed, if they stay to long in a planetary disc they meet the fate of mars, if they leave and not reach another planetary disc then cannot sustain the orbiting planet .

        SS: i think is a big discovery this object is that we have found the mars impactor .. you see all the pristine objects were orbiting close to the proto-star as this is where they form, but the martian brown dwarf system was orbiting further out in the planetary disc and is why i call them the outer planets .. when the protostar ignited this haumea object impacted mars and then spin into it’s now orbit . i suspect another object or objects ploughed through the brown dwarf as well to cause the gases to separate .. i have not located that object yet it probably was several objects including all the moons now orbiting the gas giants .


          “Soul of Earth” Polestar Sciences Part One


          SS: the new NASA epic space-time experiment has proven that there is a space-time vortex around earth. now this is very complicated and can mean a lot of things ..this confirmation of this 4th dimensional swirl proves that time and space is actually an illusion. however, the first thing i want to focus on is the “soul of earth” frequency and spin axis precession of a planet .

          SS: this is secret order polestar sciences and most of it i hve discover and develop myself .. this is part one laying the foundation for multiple blogs on this polestar sciences due to complexity will require more than one blog to cover some of the other i wanted to talk about in this blog .

          NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment May 4, 2011  Time and space, according to Einstein’s theories of relativity, are woven together, forming a four-dimensional fabric called “space-time.” The mass of Earth dimples this fabric, much like a heavy person sitting in the middle of a trampoline. Gravity, says Einstein, is simply the motion of objects following the curvaceous lines of the dimple. If Earth were stationary, that would be the end of the story. But Earth is not stationary. Our planet spins, and the spin should twist the dimple, slightly, pulling it around into a 4-dimensional swirl. This is what GP-B went to space in 2004 to check.



          SS: i have always said that the entire solar system is a soul and that each globe was the 3D manifestation of different parts of this soul . because of the law “As Above So Below” the “scalar oscillation” of a planet must manifest as a complex globe in this 3D sinkhole illusion .. and that this solar system soul is a natural system governed by laws and these laws are part of this secret order polestar sciences that i have developed .

          SS: although i have always considered mars and the outer planets as not originally part of this solar system but rather part of a brown dwarf system that became part of this fixed star solar system after the protostar ignition. we must consider that a brown dwarf system that provides life giving heat to a planet like mars orbiting it would be it’s own soul and not the same soul as the fixed sun that its remnants now find themselves orbiting .



          SS: the first thing i want to point out is that gravity is a graviton or a closed loop string that vibrates at a frequency . when i am talking about ” soul of earth ” i am talking about a frequency .. the earth does have a frequency it is called the schumann resonance ..

          SS: the earth must have a “soul of earth” frequency graviton to have gravity .. and we have learned in previous blogs that gravity is actually the astral light, or at least one part of the twofold astral light .  in alchemy the magma of the earth is connected to the astral light, and we find vortexes of non-polarized geomagnetic energy rise from the ground near volcanic hotspots that cause an intensification of the schumann resonance .

          SS: i have always thought that a change in the precession of the earth would cause a change in frequency of this “soul of earth ” .. the precession of the earth is a change in the spin axis of the earth and this change cause different polestars to rule .. the past ruling polestar was THUBAN which rules non-polarized energy and this was last night during the protostar phase of the solar system or soul .. after the ignition of the protostar the earth’s spin axis changed to our current polestar “POLARIS” which rules laws of polarity, and the next future polestar will be VEGA  .

          SS: well now we have NASA show us that if there is a shift in the spin axis of an object with what they call a magnetic london moment like the earth and it’s magentic field there is a change in frequency .. you can see in the above graphics that as the object with this magnetic field begins to change it’s spin axis, just like the earth changes its precession spin axis, there is a change in frequency .. in other words the frequency of the “soul of earth” changes as the earth precession changes to the next polestar.


          SS: now consciousness is connected to this “soul of earth” frequency called the schumann resonance. the different states of consciousness vibrate as the same frequencies as the schumann resonance .. Alpha occupies a frequency range of approximately 8 to 13 Hz. Theta a frequency of 4 to 7 Hz. Delta a frequency of 1 to 3 Hz. and Beta a frequency of 18 to 22 Hz. .. these four brain waves fall within the range of at least the first three schumann resonances.. if we consider high Beta brain wave activity, “above 22 Hz.“ more resonances can be utilized.

          SS: since the “soul of earth” is  graviton frequency cause schumann resonance then to become tuned to this “soul of earth” then the consciousness or “scalar potential”  must also form a graviton (to become scalar instead bound to membrane) .. since the astral light is gravity then to merge back into the astral consciousness must be a graviton, if it remains bound to the membrane it will not escape to the higher dimensions be born into the next world or “soul of earth” frequency . here is an experiment conducted with a white buffalo that shows this “scalar potential” that has formed the “ring of soul” and returned to the source which is the astral light .


            Of the Astral Light Star Formation

            SS: this is an update to a previous blog about the astral light being discovered and proven by scientific instruments .. it might get several updates before it is finally completed .. we found that the astral light is the building block of galaxies and solar systems, and now we are discovering the details of it’s workings .

            Herschel links star formation to sonic booms 13 April 2011 ESA’s Herschel space observatory has revealed that nearby interstellar clouds contain networks of tangled gaseous filaments. Intriguingly, each filament is approximately the same width, hinting that they may result from interstellar sonic booms throughout our Galaxy.

            Herschel unravels the thread of star formation in the Gould Belt 13 Apr 2011 An intricate network of filamentary structure, exposed in extraordinary detail by the Herschel Space Observatory, has provided new evidence for how stars form from the diffuse interstellar medium. These filaments, located in giant molecular clouds in the Gould Belt, all exhibit remarkably similar widths – about one third of a light year – but only the densest ones contain pre-stellar cores, the seeds of future stars. These data suggest star formation is a two-step process: first turbulence stirs up the gas, giving rise to a web-like structure, then gravity takes over and governs the further fragmentation of filaments into stars.

            Dense filaments of gas in the IC5146 interstellar cloud. This image was taken by ESA’s Herschel space observatory at infrared wavelengths 70, 250 and 500 microns. Stars are forming along these filaments. Credits: ESA/Herschel/SPIRE/PACS/D.

            SS: first i want to compare these articles with the articles from my previous blog .. we are seeing what appears to be the same thing happening at the micro level that we are seeing in the above macro level . below at the micro level it says that the sonic boom shock waves are the building blocks of galaxies .. if this is so then it must also be the same force that causes star formation .

            SS: at the micro level below dark matter gravity is like a “spider web” heats the gas by pulling it in and this causes sonic booms shock waves .. the above macro says that “turbulence” stirs up the gas giving it a “web-like” structure and then gravity takes over to form star cores seeds and proto-stars.. these two are nearly identical and so i think we are seeing the same process happening at both the micro and macro levels and if we study the macro then we can understand what is happening at the micro level as well . “As Above So Below” .

            Missing matter found in deep space ” The ethereal strands of hydrogen and oxygen atoms could account for up to half the matter that scientists knew must be there but simply could not see, the researchers reported on Tuesday. “It is kind of like a spider web. The gravity of the spider web is what produced what we see,” Shull said in a telephone interview. “It’s very thin. Some of it is very hot gas, almost a million degrees.” This is where the dark matter comes in. The dark matter is heating up the gas, Shull said. “Dark matter has gravity. It pulls the gas in,” Shull said. “This causes what I call sonic booms — shock waves. This shock heats it to a million degrees. That makes it even harder to see.” The atoms of oxygen are in a stripped-down, ionized form. Five of the eight electrons are gone. It emits an ultraviolet spectrum of light that instruments aboard FUSE and Hubble can spot, Shull said. These web-like filaments of matter are the structure upon which the galaxies form, he said.”

            SS: now we compare the two fold astral light with the above micro process: “fluid gaseous” is the thin gas and “earthy fiery” is the gravity which is heating the gas causing the sonic booms shock waves .. if scroll down can see it says that there is ice and gas and it gets pulled into the proto-star by gravity.. it is this astral light that is the cause of these filaments of gas to clump together to cause star formation from the micro level all the way to the macro level. just as the secret order told us over a hundred years ago we find this astral light in different states and this is why we are seeing the same process at the micro level that we see at the macro level .

            ” To return to the main magical theory, the Quintessence, said they, or Universal Substance (which some strove to identify with Hyle, others with the Luminiferous AEther) is the two-in-one, liquid and solid, the former part being also twofold, fluid and gaseous, and the latter earthy and fiery. The combination of these four phases of Zro accounted for the universe. This quintessence is Zro in some state unknown and incalculable. Some expected to find it in its twelfth state, some in a seventeenth, others in a thirty-seventh: all this was pure guesswork. ” — Liber Li by A.’. A.’.

            SS: stars at the macro level pull in gas into themselves we know this from study of our own star the sun . first a star is a seed core formed by the above process of shock waves causing gas to clump together to form proto-star which gravity continues play a role in the proto-star formation into a sun because the protostar is a large clump of gas falling in on itself due to this gravity and eventually it explodes into a sun, a sonic boom shock wave send the planetary disk out to form an oort cloud where comets originate. this is the exact same process we are seeing at the micro level where gravity is pulling in the gas and heating it and causing sonic boom shock waves .

            NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed a dusty star system being soaked with a “steamy rain” of water vapor. The water, pulled from gassy stellar leftovers into a dusty disk, provides what astronomers think is the first direct look at how the life-giving liquid makes its way into planets. The disk is the same sort of thing that forms around many stars and, in the case of our sun, was the seedbed for planet formation. CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech

            This artist’s concept, released on July 24, 2006, shows a dusty planet-forming disk in orbit around a whirling young star. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that disks like this one can slow their stars down, which prevents the stars from spinning themselves to death. A developing star is essentially a giant ball of gas that is collapsing onto itself. As it shrinks, it spins faster and faster, like a skater folding in his or her arms. As gravity continues to pull matter inward, the star spins so fast, it starts to flatten out. The same principle applies to the planet Saturn, whose spin has caused it to be slightly squashed or oblate.  REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC)/Handout (UNITED STATES)

            SOHO’s latest surprise: gas near the Sun heading the wrong way 20-Nov-2001 ” Mysterious clouds of gas falling towards the Sun have been spotted with the ESA-NASA SOHO spacecraft. They go against the fast-moving streams of gas that pour out continuously into space, in the solar wind. In today’s issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters, the scientists who found them suggest that the inflows are due to frequent local adjustments to the Sun’s magnetic field. The discovery promises a better understanding of the sources of the solar magnetism that envelops the Earth, quarrels with our own planet’s field, and to some extent protects us from cosmic rays coming from the stars. “

              Sungrazer Storm

              SS: in the above image can be seen on of the brighter sungrazers as it is approaching the sun . there was a pair traveling together before this one . when i see several sungrazers like this i begin to ask questions about it . the reason is because i have alternate theories about some of the phenomena we are seeing .

              SS: we should also keep in mind that as this sungrazer storm plunging into the sun we are having a stargate orion rose + cross eclipse down here on earth . so this actually is also part of the eclipse which was followed by the double rainbow in los angelas .

              Sundiving Comet Storm Jan. 12, 2011: The sun has just experienced a storm—not of explosive flares and hot plasma, but of icy comets. “The storm began on Dec 13th and ended on the 22nd,” says Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC. “During that time, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) detected 25 comets diving into the sun. It was crazy!”

              Battams and Knight think the comet-storm of Dec. 2010 might herald a much bigger sungrazer to come, something people could see with the naked eye, perhaps even during the day.

              SS:the incoming  ixchel sekhmet will be a sungrazer . it will probably be like the last one in 2007 which planet-sized and was daylight visible . you can see it here the 2007 planet-sized sungrazer in this blog .. both ixchel sekhmet and the boattini will be alignment with the moon once per month this year which we will need to track .

              SS: the boattini comet mentioned we still are not sure about it’s size but it is the big one much larger then the rest . the only thing i can think is that it must be the size of several earth planets because for us to detect it that far out and predicted to shine at least 0 magnitude at 8au from the sun which it will probably be a lot brighter . hale-bopp was planet-sized at 1.3au from sun so this boattini is the big one . even with scientific equipment never have we detected one that far out six to nine years before .maybe these planet-sized sungrazers precede that giant that is coming . if this is true then we will be seeing more like them before it arrives .

              SS: the first question i have is where did this sungrazer storm originate . this is where i have an alternate theory other than the giant comet disintegration 2000 years ago . i been doing this a long time so this not first time i seen this nor is this theory new for me . this theory has been my theory for a long time .

              SS: last year we had two beestinger comets enter the inner solar system . the first beestinger did not put on a show on it’s arrival .. instead just as it was reaching closest point to the sun it disintegrated at less than 1 au ( .695 au ) from the sun last march . one minute it was there and the suddenly we saw a debris cloud and it disappeared . here is another past example of this very same phenomena when S4 disintegrated at perihelion .

              SS: now the question is where did the cometary debris go ?? i do not believe all this debris went on back out to the oort cloud . instead i think it began to orbit the sun and slowly get pulled into the sun in the same cometary orbit of the sl9 fragments that slammed into jupiter and entered the sun from the south .. here is also a more recent example of southern hemisphere jupiter comet impact .

              SS: we have seen this over and over again comets orbit the giant gas planet or the sun in this orbit and enter always from the south . i use this same argument to identify a cometary object slamming into the southern hemisphere of jupiter . comets get captured by the planetary or solar body and they orbit until the get pulled in .

              SS: the first beestinger followed the orbital model above precisely . as soon as it came in close it disintegrated and orbited the sun which took ten months to loop around the sun and plunge into into it . so this beestinger has reappeared here entering the sun . as u can see from our sl9 jupiter model they will enter one after another like a storm .

              SS: the next question is how do these small sungrazers effect the sun . now according to current theory they are just iceball going poof into the sun . but that is not the entire truth . whatever these comets are made of is what the sun feeds on to change stages from proto-star stage to current sol-sun stage .

              SS: we know this for sure because during the proto-star stage these comets were part of the accretion disk which feed the sun . that is why t-tauri stars become suddenly active because they feed off the space dust and then become massive flaring .

              Prediction No. 8 (1983): In his dissertation, LaViolette proposed that invading cosmic dust would have caused the Sun to become more luminous and engage in continual flaring activity. In chapter 4, he suggested that on one occasion the Earth and Moon may have been engulfed by a large prominence remnant “fireball” (coronal mass ejection) thrown out by the Sun during a period of particularly intense solar activity. He interpreted the findings of Zook and Gold as evidence that the Sun had been in a highly active T-Tauri like flaring state and that at times its flaring activity had been as much as 1000 times currently observed levels. He suggested that these may have scorched the surface of the Earth in ice age times, inducing high temperatures, rapid ice sheet melting, global flooding, and mass animal extinction.

              SS: the above image shows the flare that was emitted right after the above sungrazer plunged into it .. the sun is not really very active right now as it should be .. it is pushing out small flares b and c classes and an occasional m every few months . we should be seeing x-flares and maybe a y-flare and we’re not . the sun lost it’s north and south polarity and that causes the space dust to enter solar system and choke the sun . the point though is that these sungrazers are fuel to the sun and right now the sun is inactive state because it is feeding on space dust .

              SOHO’s latest surprise: gas near the Sun heading the wrong way 20-Nov-2001 ” Mysterious clouds of gas falling towards the Sun have been spotted with the ESA-NASA SOHO spacecraft. They go against the fast-moving streams of gas that pour out continuously into space, in the solar wind. In today’s issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters, the scientists who found them suggest that the inflows are due to frequent local adjustments to the Sun’s magnetic field. The discovery promises a better understanding of the sources of the solar magnetism that envelops the Earth, quarrels with our own planet’s field, and to some extent protects us from cosmic rays coming from the stars. “

                Of the Martian Cataclysm

                SS: this is some research i have been working on for several years . the details of what happened last night . when i say last night i mean a different “TIME ZONE” not this one. in the previous “TIME ZONE” the sun had not yet become a sun, it was still in it’s protostar stage . that means that the sun wasn’t hot, it had a planetary disk of charged space dust and cometary debris .. the laws of physics were different than they are in this “TIME ZONE” because it existed in the space dust planetary disk . this “TIME ZONE” did not exist until after the great cataclysmic event that resulted in the destruction of the martian world but also the polarization came into effect as the protostar ignited exploded sending all the debris out to the oort cloud .

                The Earth-Moon system during the Late Heavy Bombardment period Submitted on 23 Jul 2009) Abstract: The Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB) period is the narrow time interval between 3.8 and 3.9 Gyr ago, where the bulk of the craters we see on the Moon formed. Even more craters formed on the Earth. During a field expedition to the 3.8 Gyr old Isua greenstone belt in Greenland, we sampled three types of metasedimentary rocks, that contain direct traces of the LHB impactors by a seven times enrichment (150 ppt) in iridium compared to present day ocean crust (20 ppt).

                SS: unfortunately the martian planet, nor did its brown dwarf that it orbited that gave it heat survive .. mars took at least one at hellas basin and possibly two major impacts that resulted in several supervolcanos going off at the same time . in the map above u can see the supervolcanos they were in eruption and the canyon leading down from these volcanos was actually carved out by this massive lava flowing from the supervolcanos .

                Superplume Concept Applies To Tharsis Area On Mars Like Africa, Tharsis bulges out relative to its surroundings, Baker noted. Also, Tharsis shows evidence of a long history of tectonic activity, with faults, rifts, valleys, igneous plateaus and other spectacular features that are similar to the expression of Earth’s suspected superplumes, Dohm said. “

                “There are volcanoes that would sit on top of the state of Arizona and stand 17 miles high. The canyon system would stretch from New York to Los Angeles, really dwarfing the Grand Canyon,” Dohm said. “This is the major heat engine of Mars. And it’s probably over 3 billion years old.”

                Symmetries of volcanic distributions on Mars and Earth and their mantle plume dynamics “The high level of symmetry of Mars’ volcanic distribution may be the result of a focusing of seismic energy from a major impact in the Hellas area that formed the Hellas basin and may have triggered the onset of volcanic activity in the greater Tharsis area.”

                “On the basis of these calculations, we venture to propose that the volcanic history of Mars reflects the transformation of a bipolar mantle plume structure into a single megaplume by the process of plume-plume collision acting in concert with the deep Martian phase transitions. This transformation might have overcome the original pattern induced by a major impact forming the Hellas basin.” — JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 103, NO. E12, PAGES 28,587–28,598, 1998

                Impact-induced Martian mantle plumes: Origin of Tharsis “Tharsis could have experienced a large impact early in Martian history (Schultz & Glicken, 1979; Schultz, 1984; Schultz & Frey, 1990). Recent studies suggest that this hypothesis is plausible from a geodynamical point of view (Reese et al., 2002; 2004). Large impacts at the end of planetary formation are a statistically inevitable consequence of accretional dynamics (Wetherill, 1985,1990; Weidenschilling et al., 1997; Chambers & Wetherill, 1998; Agnor et al., 1999) and result in melting beyond the excavation zone producing an intact melt region with radius of the order of several impactor radii (Melosh, 1990; Tonks & Melosh, 1992;1993; Pierazzo et al., 1997).”

                The biggest canyon in the solar system can be seen by merging hundreds of photos from NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter. The canyon system on Mars, named Valles Marineris, stretches as far as the distance from California to New York. Photo:/AFP

                SS: i am going to focus just on mars in this blog .. here on mars we have knowledge that superplumes are part of the supervolcano eruption .. we can see for ourselves on mars a catastrophe involving supervolcanos erupting .the minerals that are found in the canyon match those found in volcanic lava flow regions on earth .. the theory that water carved this canyon is not correct, this was caused by the super volcanos eruption .. here is a video shows that mars had a super plume bulge near the volcanos and canyon that formed after the impact .

                SS: the two strange asteroid moons circling mars are probably not really moons .. they are either space station that were in orbit and covered by so much space dust from however many years it has been, or they are hallowed out asteroids that were being mined by the martians . that is why they do not act like moons one of them is actually slowly circling closer into mars and will crash into the planet eventually like a dead satellite .  these martians were ten times more advanced than us and because of this our solar system has ancient artifacts from this race on mars ..

                SS: whatever god the martians believed in at that time did not save them . they got owned . now this proof we can see it in the mirror .. it is also reflected on the earth at the cuban “scar” region .. it is actually scorpions .. this god who says that we just have to take his word for what he is going to do is not the truth . the martians thought their god was all powerful but apparently he was not powerful enough. since the past cannot be challenged i think instead focus on the present beehiving, and the future colonizing and bringing the martian planet back to life, and exploring artifacts .. that will give something to do instead of catastrophe . and in this way we will be stronger tomorrow night when we will all face the next brane collision which we already know is going to happen we can see it reflection .

                “It was the most ancient tradition of the Atlantean Magicians that they were the survivors of a race inhabiting a country called Lemuria, of which the South Pacific archipelago may be the remains. These Lemurians had, they held, built up a civilization equal, if not superior to their own; but through a misunderstanding of magical law — some said the 2nd, some the 8th, some the 23rd — had involved themselves and their land in ruin. Others thought that the Lemurians had succeeded in their magical task, and broken their temple. In any case, it was the secret Lemurian tradition that they themselves represented the survivals of a yet earlier race who lived on ice, and they of yet another who lived in fire, and they again of earlier colonists from Mars.” liber li by A.’.A.’.

                  Earth is part of Sagittarius Galaxy

                  SS: it really is hard to tell who is eating who here . since this is actually two brane colliding they will merge. but from the looks of things it might be Sagittarius eating the marshmellow center of the milky way ice cream  . i guess we hope so since we are from sagittarius and not the milky way .. and soon another brane collision with us and the andromeda galaxy . watch movie here . what we do know for sure is that the earth is not part of the milky way which at the center is a black hole..

                  Scientist Prove We Are Not From Here This same sense of shock came as scientists announced that the Sun, the Moon, our planet and its siblings, were not born into the familiar band of stars known as the Milky Way galaxy, but we actually belong to a strange formation with the unfamiliar name of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy!

                  “A brane could be three dimensional or even more, and with enough energy a brane could grow to an enormous size, perhaps even as large as a universe.”

                  ” The existence of giant membranes and extra dimensions opens up a new possibility, that our whole universe is living on a membrane in a much larger higher dimensional space. Within this higher dimensional space may be other membranes or parallel universes. Some of the parallel universes might resemble our own universe and some might be much different and ruled by a completely different laws of physics. These parallel universes would exist within the extra dimensions of the M Theory. “

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