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Of the “Mermaid Who Saw in the Mirror” Samurai




SS: now we are at the basics of the “samurai” meaning “to serve” .. although for me it also means the “Mermaid who saw in the mirror” that is eatched into the side of the planet with the priestess mermaid and two other swimming mermaids .. they enter through the astral stargate .. the mermaid samurai serve the astral light and the “laws of varuna” .. the mermaid samurai rely upon their own bardo during a fight .

The samurai (or bushi) were Japanese Warriors. The word samurai comes from the Japanese Verb saburai, which means to serve (someone). In the past, there were many different Classes of people in Japan. “Samurai” were members of the important Military Class before Japanese society changed in 1868.

In it’s ancient form, the title of ‘samurai” had once been assigned to leaders of the armed clans in the North, and in a slightly modified form, , to the warriors of the aristocratic clans attached to the imperial gourt during the Muromachi period. Contracted phonetically into “samurai”, the term was extended to denote all warriors who were permitted to wear the long and the short sword in the service of a lord, and was more specifically and correctly translated as “one who serves”. — Secrets of the Samurai


    Of the Central American Corona Machete



    SS: this central american ‘corona’ machete and giant hook that came to me from my baby mama ‘Juliaca” .. indirectly. you see my babymama has sisters and one of her sisters husbands brother sold them too me lol . thanks! i just say i got them from her because if i wasnt with her i would never gotten them obviously. i knew what they were when i bought them. the person i bought them from didnt want them and did not care about them so i figured they were mine so i bought them. i remember i got a really good deal on them too. they were basically given to me. this was a lil bit before SL4 shoemaker-levy .

    SS: the corona machete is from central america and is number 152 of a numbered set that i was told was 500 mad in el salvador .. it has the seals of the seven central american countries.. this one is mostly ceremonial i think although i do have another machete from vietnam war my father gave me. my father was in vietnam which is how i ended up born at nellis afb since he was in the air force… or i mean to say .. landed. lol… and juliaca was born air force base in japan .. we are air force “work biatches” ..

    co·ro·nas, co·ro·nae [kuh-roh-nee] Show IPA .1. a white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, especially around the sun or moon.3. Also called aureola, aureole. Astronomy . a faintly luminous envelope outside of the sun’s chromosphere, the inner part consisting of highly ionized elements. .





      Of the Samurai Warning


      SS: a samurai always gives warning as it is part of the code of honor that all samurai must follow .. i have given a special warning many times and i am going to repeat that warning again in this blog. DO NOT USE THE MAHABHARATA WEAPONS .. if you use them they will backfire every single time. i have already proven that they backfire and cause damage to the earth’s core by melt down of subterranean crystal. at this stage with two massive disasters that the leaders who have used these weapons have been so far powerless to fix the problems. the backfires become worse each time. if you use these weapons again then whatever backfire that happens is your own fault. i have given you the warning do not use the mahabharata weapons.

      1646a. djed en tem ir nefer ka ro ma re pon imi en Telekinesis will happen because the Telekinesis Star has said, relating to Pepi II, “see to the Adept Mouth who is among us, The Adept Mouth is served by all the Pyramid Builders, because of orders from the Telekinesis Star as their chief.

      1646b. djui ef n shem en iob en en ef so that when he (the Adept Mouth) calls upon us (the Pyramid Builders), we will go, and we will unite for him,” The Adept Mouth will know that the Set of Nine Pyramid Builders will only descend upon earth once every 26,000 year precessional cycle of the earth’s spin axis, and so he will not call upon it to do that more often. — – The Pyramid Texts by THOTH : Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara


        Of the M4 and M5 Garand Bayonets



        SS: my friend had been gone for a few months and suddenly returned and brought a bunch bayonets for me to look at today. i acquired these M4 and M5 bayonets for my collection. the M4 is really nice one has a wood handle and wood sheath both in great condition. i have an M1 Garand Bayonet so i figured these two could be with that one.


          Of the World War 1 German Engineer Sword

          SS: i acquired a new sword this weekend which is called a “sawback”. it is a world war 1 german bayonet that was only issued to engineers. most of these kinds of bayonets had their sawbacks ground down for other troops could use them. they had a different name for those which the vendors at the gun show kept saying to me cuz they wanted to buy it from me. i must have found the best bayonet in the entire show because several of them wanted to look at it after i would tell them this one is a sawback. they all know what that was and had to look at it. the image below has the ww1 german sawback with my ww1 german officers sword.

            Of the US World War Bayonets

             SS: i had a very good day yesterday. not only did i pass a major certification exam to advance the frontlines but i also gained two new world war 1 bayonets to my collection. as i have said my friend brings me these bayonets that he invested in long ago. basically he tells me what he thinks they are and i research and find out what he actually sold me. i never haggle for a sword, if i think belongs in my collection i give them what they ask for it.

            SS: the first sword is a us world war 1 bayonet. it is the long version. some world war 1 bayonets were cut down to smaller size which make them less desirable. this one is stamped 1916 from the springfield armory. this bayonet is a blued polished version. starting in 1917 the armories stopped bluing them and started to use other polishing methods that were faster because they started to ramp up production for the war. in the last picture above i have the ww1 bayonet with my recent aquistioned ww2 m1 garand bayonet.

            SS: the second bayonet is a ww1 swiss schmidt rubin bayonet. my friend said it was german. well he was partially right. it was stamped “waffenfabrik neuhausen” which is a german manufacture but it was used by the swiss during world war 1. the second pic below shows this bayonet with my recent aquisition swiss 1957 SIG bayonet.

              Of the 1892 French MLE Sword

              SS: my friend obviously thought i needed more swords because today, which tomorrow will be yesterday, put them on my desk and asked me if i wanted them. basically he tells me what he thinks they are and then i go figure out what they really are. the first one that is all metal is pretty common ww1 bayonet from sweden .. on the blade is stamped the number 455 .

              SS: this is my second french sword though i think is a little more rare. it is 1892 french mle bayonet used in ww1 .. my friend he thought it was belgium.. it is a french model bayonet and not belgium. i think his confusion was the scabbards are almost identical however there is no doubt it is the french mle. my research above shows that if the sword had a armory stamp on the blade then these were more rare .. the armory stamp can be seen in the picture show an “R” and “G” .. that’s it two letters.. research the stamps indicate if it was infantry, cavalry, or artillery something like that.

              SS: now we have to try to remember that the reason france got involved in the revolutionary war is because britian helped canada fight the french forcing the french to leave canada . that is why canada is such good friends with britian .. the revolutionary war gave the french an opportunity to pay back the british . the british they boasted a lot they said they could capture the entire colonies with only 5000 men and they were wrong . we have to remember the massive defeat of british general cornwallis is because of the french . the french naval blockade defeated the british navy and cornwallis did not receive reinforcements and the continental and french armies defeated cornwallis.

                Of the 1886 Statue of Liberty French Rosalie

                SS: after much thought i decided to add another bayonet to my collection .. it is like the australian bayonet as i did this to show appreciation and friendship .. for one i appreciate how the french treated my enchantress priestess “norma jean” marilyn monroe by honoring her at the Cannes Film Festival. I very much appreciate it and think of it as an act of friendship.

                SS: the bayonet did catch my attention when i first saw it due to it not having a flat blade like all the other bayonets i was looking at .. this one is shaped as a + sign .. which actually was the reason i waited on it at first but i reconsidered later after much thought .. i never buy a blade unless i feel it has some meaning for me and a place in my collection. and i never haggle the price for any blades that i buy .

                SS: the bayonet is 1886 model .. which happens to be the same year that the french gave to the usa the Statue of Liberty as a gift of friendship.. the french helped the colonies during the revolutionary war and their help was probably the big reason the colonies won the revolutionary war .. their support started with mostly guns and gunpowder .. their help basically ended the war at the battle for yorktown where general Cornwallis had holed up with his 9000 men. general Washington order general Lafayette to take his 5000 men and seige yorktown with the french naval blockade. it was the french navy that defeated the british navy bringing 5000 man reinforcements to cornwallis giving general Washington enough time to arrive at yorktown with his continental and french armies.

                SS: the usa has it’s own enchantress priestess queenBee who is “norma jean” marilyn monroe .. the united states is not britian and therefore should not have a british hive based upon the british monarchy .. that goes against everything that general Washington and our french allies fought for during the revolutionary war . france made sacrifices for the us during the revolutionary war .. my grandfater whose name was james smethers had two brothers, one of them died on the beaches of normandy and the other got his leg blown off while driving a sherman tank in europe . in my opinion france and the usa should be very strong friendship. thank you for honoring my enchantress .

                  Of the New Secret Order Blades

                  SS: i have recently bought a few new knives that i have add to my collection .. someone i work with happen to have a bunch of rare knives for sale .. well i picked out a few because that is how i aquire my blades usually are from people that i happen into .. and i do not haggle for a knife or sword .. if is reasonable price and i think it belongs in my collection for whatever reasons i have in my mind why it should be in my collection. the first one that i got above is a World War II 1943 US M1 Rifle bayonet ..  it says 1943 engraved on the blade and fits the M1 Garand .. i thought it would go well with my World War II japanese samurai sword .. i have owned the wwii japanese samurai sword and wwi german officer sword for a long time. 

                  SS: the next bayonet below in the next picture first blade and book below is a Swiss 1957 SIG bayonet .. i got a good deal for it .. since the secret order is neutral in pretty much everything, including elections and all that stuff that is why policy i never get involved in any of that kind of things, then it is neutrality of the secret order .

                  SS: the next bayonet i appears to be a 1903 Turkish SG98 .. i search the book because i thought this bayonet was a german bayonet because i recognized the scabbard is identical to my German World War I officer sword seen with it .. when i bought it i thought it was german. the blade it says Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie of Solingen which is a german manufacture that made them. however after searching the book i found that it is actually a Turkish bayonet that used german blades and a german scabbard .. and to confirm this i search the internet for turkish Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie of Solingen and found this same bayonet. this was a surprise because the person i bought it from thought it was german. according to the book this is a rare .. now see why i never haggle for a blade.

                  SS: this next bayonet below is one that i was not originally going to aquire although it did catch my attention .. it is a 1907 Australian SMLE bayonet which i think is actually british bayonet .. the australians and the british basically had the same bayonets and it is british bayonet .. it can be confusing if it is british or australian, however this one says australia on the handle .. it is the same how the turkish bayonet above is made in germany, this bayonet is made in england. this one has a built in sharpner in the scabbard so it’s blade is fairly sharp .. i decided to go ahead and add to collection to show my appreciation for friends and friendship .. that is how it came into my collection .

                    Of the “Norma Jean” Spear of Centaurus


                    SS: near the mayan hunab ku region is a constellation called centaurus .. this constellation is a centaur impaling lupus the wolf with a spear .. can see in the above starmaps it location near the mayan hunab ku where it is one of two centaurs in this region .. the second centaur is Sagittarius who wields the nunki bow. this one wields the spear. the southern cross is below centaurus .. if is inscribed in the stars then should recognize enchantress samurai priestess .

                    SS: the hunab ku region in the stamap can see the corona australis is astral mirror then can see how “norma jean” is “marilyn monroe” .. which the constellation norma has a nebula called the “fine ring nebula” which is an eclipsing binary star .. i have describe many times that my enchantress samurai priestess has eclipsing binary scalar potential .

                    But the Fine Ring Nebula — captured here by the ESO Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera mounted on the New Technology Telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile — looks like an almost perfect circular ring. Astronomers believe that some of these more unusually shaped planetary nebulae are formed when the progenitor star is actually a binary system. The interaction between the primary star and its orbiting companion shapes the ejected material.

                    The stellar object at the centre of the Fine Ring Nebula is indeed thought to be a binary system, orbiting with a period of 2.9 days. Observations suggest that the binary pair is almost perfectly face-on from our vantage point, implying that the planetary nebula’s structure is aligned in the same way. We are looking down on a torus (doughnut shape) of ejected material, leading to the strikingly circular ring shape in the image.

                    Artist’s conceptualization of the dusty TYC 8241 2652 system as it might have appeared several years ago when it was emitting large amounts of excess infrared radiation, is illustrated in this handout image from the Gemini Observatory received by Reuters July 3, 2012. REUTERS/Gemini Observatory/AURA artwork by Lynette Cook/Handout

                    This new ESO Very Large Telescope image shows the planetary nebula Fleming 1 in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur). This striking object is a glowing cloud of gas around a dying star. New observations have shown that it is likely that a very rare pair of white dwarf stars lies at the heart of this object. Their orbital motions can fully explain the remarkably symmetric structures of the jets in the surrounding gas clouds in this and similar objects. Credit: ESO/H. Boffin

                    The fifth brightest galaxy in the sky Centaurus A, is shown in this handout photo provided by NASA May 1, 2014. Centaurus A is an active galaxy about 12 million light years from Earth and is part of a “quartet of galaxies” collaboration of professional and amateur astronomers that combines optical data from amateur telescopes with data from the archives of NASA missions. REUTERS/X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; Optical: Rolf Olsen; Infrared: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Handout via Reuters (SPACE – Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

                    Naturally there were many samurai who specialized in the use of the spear. According to literature of bujutsu, an expert spearman trained in any of these schools was studiously avoided not only by single warriors but even by groups of warriors whom he could scatter with an intricate, yet impenetrable and deadly circular dance . — Secrets of the Samurai

                    Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. She was also equally well versed in handling the short dagger (kaikan) , which like the male warrior’s wakizashi, was always carried on her person (usually in her sleeve or sash) and which she could deftly employ against armed foes in close combat or throw with deadly accuracy. — Secrets of the Samurai


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