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Of the ‘Apple Picking” Weather Season


SS: as we proceed into the holiday seasons i would like to tell everyone to watch your iphones and ipads.. the holiday season is the time when the penguin shoplifting ring knows is the profit time. during the confusion of holidays the ‘apple pickers’ and shoplifters go on “apple picking’ and shoplifting sprees. install ios7 for additional protection and be aware of people who want to steal your stuff.. maybe this year some these guys get busted.

The Umansky Law Firm Speaks About “Apple-Picking” Thefts Making a Statement in Central Florida September 30, 2013 Apple-pickers that are caught have been facing charges such as petty theft, grand theft, and conspiracy to commit grand theft. Sometimes they’re working in pairs, where one individual will do the “picking” while the other holds onto all of the items.

Nick Spinetto hit the orchards today to see how people were enjoying this “apple picking” weather. (WMUR 9 News Screengrab)

The fall apple-picking season is officially underway in Maine, and many people are making their annual stop at orchards. (WMTW 8 News Screengrab)

The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree, but at County Line Orchard you get to pick ‘em before they tumble. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole has traveled to Hobart, Ind., this morning to help check out their fall festival festivities. (CBS 2 News Screengrab)



    Of the Downtown Manchester “Apple Picking” Ring


    Pedestrians carrying cell phones are becoming crime victims in downtown Manchester. Michael Rosenfield reports. (WBZ Screengrab)

    A national crime trend called “Apple picking” targets smart phones and it has reached South Florida. Miami Beach Police said the Apple iPhone thefts have spiked crime statistics. (Miami CBS 4 Screengrab)


      Of the Penguin Church Miami Beach “Apple Picking” Ring


      SS: the smartphone theft are picking up again. the thieves are targeting ipads and tablets too because they sell well on ebay and craigslist. i heard a story about an “Apple Picker” when gets a buyer meets at the bank so doesnt get ripped off for his stolen iphone that is how bad it has become. apparently it is the new in thing steal iphones and sell on craigslist .. they are sometimes violent when they steal your iphone so be careful everyone. especially during the coming holidays the penguin church “Apple Picking” and ‘Shoplifting” rings want to take advantage of the holiday seasons to make a profit .

      Cincinnati Police are asking the public to be smart with smartphones. (NBC Cincinnati WLWT News 5 Screengrab)

      A national crime trend called ‘”Apple picking” targets smart phones and it has reached South Florida where Miami Beach Police say thefts are spiking their crime statistics. (CBS Miami News 4 Screengrab)


        Of the New Anti – Penguin Shoplifting Ring Smart Phones



        SS: they are doing something about the penguin church “apple picking” now.. so maybe by next year the penguin church will no longer be motivated to steal peoples iphones..because really stealing peoples iphones and selling on craigslist should not be a viable source of income.

        SS: UPDATE 09-23-13: just in time for holidays .. IOS 7 has been released with a new security feature that now requires a password before the phone can be reset.. this is going to put a big roadblock in the “apple pickers” since the phones cannot be reset and could possibly lead to some busts since some these phones have tracking software enabled. i am upgrading to IOS 7 on my ipad right away and you should too. spread the word upgrade to IOS 7.

        New York Police actively encouraging people to update to iOS 7 for added security September 22, 2013 The New York City Police Department is apparently handing out the above fliers at subway exits encouraging people to upgrade to iOS 7 for its improved security featuring ‘Activation Lock’.

        A group of law enforcement officials wants the smartphone industry to allow phones to be rendered useless if stolen or lost. The officials are hoping to get the feature into phones by next year. (CBSTV Videos)

        CBS 2’s Tracee Carrasco reports. (CBS 2 News)

        Stolen merchandise is becoming more common on Craigslist. One man found his sister`s belongings on the website and is now trying to do something about it. (Tribune)

        Top prosecutors in SF and NY are set to announce the formation of a nationwide initiative to stop a surge in smartphone thefts. (ABC 7 News)



          Of the Penguin Church Tax Fraud Tsunamii

          SS: the penguin church does not pay taxes with their shoplifting ring. the penguins is not even paying a sales tax. the penguin church shoplifts from stores and steals peoples iphones and ipads and sells them on craigslist. the penguin church is not reporting the profits made from the shoplifting ring to the irs. and now the penguin church try steal my ID cuz obviously penguin church big fans wants to be me. you do not see me stealing jim jones . that is because i don’t wannabe in jim jonesville penguin church.

          SS: if the penguin church is allowed to steal and not pay taxes then everyone should follow the penguin church example and supplement their incomes by shoplifting and “apple picking” and selling on craigslist ??  this would be a way to push a persons tax responsibilities onto other people. instead of paying tax responsibility yourself can instead do the penguin church and steal someone’s iphone and sell it on craigslist. make a profit on shoplifting and apple picking and pay tax responsibilities while the people stole from have to buy a new iphone. this effectively pushes your tax responsibilities onto other people.

          SS: the penguin church fraud tsunamii starts in the northern sunshine state which is the fraud capital of the world as can see from the above map that shows the tsunami. the penguin church is a big part of the recent tsunami of tax fraud blessings because the penguin church do not have to pay taxes like everyone else since they are allowed to run a shoplifting and apple picking ring. the reason why the penguin church is allowed to run shoplifting ring is because the british recruited him to form british penguin colony in the usa. if u are in good with the british monarchy then u are allowed to have a shoplifting ring and not pay taxes on profits .

          SS: there is more to this problem than just tax fraud. when we look at the shooters they are people who have not been successful in life and hole themselves up in their parent basements and lose touch with reality.  now we have penguin church holed up with his parents for the last three years shoplifting and apple picking for a living. i believe the penguin church thinking it is ok to thieve proves instability and a loss of touch with reality. theft leads to even worse crimes especially when the criminal loses touch with reality and thinks they are allowed to steal because they are the special penguin church .. obama instead of crack down on these criminal losers who are the real problem instead wants to trample our second amendment rights. this obamas tax loophole he don’t want to close.

          Florida hit by ‘tsunami’ of tax identity fraud February 17, 2013 “We are on the top of a national trend that is causing a hemorrhage of tax dollars,” said Wifredo Ferrer, United States Attorney for south Florida. “It’s a tsunami of fraud.” While the IRS says it has detected cases in every state except North Dakota and West Virginia, the fraud’s epicenter is Florida, and it is mostly concentrated in Miami and Tampa. Miami has 46 times the per-capita rate of false tax refund claims than the rest of the country, and 70 times the national average in dollar terms, Ferrer told Reuters. “For whatever reason, we always tend to lead the nation when it comes to fraud,” he said, noting that his office has been battling massive Medicare fraud in recent years that has since spread to other parts of the country.

          Bag of cards leads to tax fraud investigation. ABC Action News at 6 PM.

          Seized fraudulent tax mailings are displayed during a news conference in Tampa, Florida, in this undated police handout photo. Tax identity theft skyrocketed to more than 1.2 million cases in 2012 from only 48,000 in 2008, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. To match Feature USA-TAX/FRAUD REUTERS/Tampa Police Department/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW BUSINESS)

            Of the Penguin Church Shoplifting Ring Identity Theft

            SS: well should be obvious now the inferiority of the penguin church shoplifting ring .. my being a victim of the penguin church thieving habits started with stealing my work. many of the things that i am into suddenly the penguin church thinks is so cool that steals just like they steals shoplifts from stores and steals people’s ipads and iphones to make a living. the penguin church is such a huge fanatical fans of the secret order that the penguin church wishes that he were me. unfortunately he will never be me .. it will always be impossible no matter how much the penguin church and followers copy me, steal from me, and wish to be me but they will always be a fakelands copy fake.

            SS: a person who will take the risk to steal a friggin sandwich will steal anything. one would think that taking a risk of thieving they would only take this risk to steal something valuable. a sandwich maybe cost $2.00 maybe $3.00. that means if u have a couple dollars on a table the penguin church would be tempted to steal it and would steal it. the penguin church is are thieves and is a criminal. i am justified in fighting the penguin church to protect my work and my identity from the penguin church fraud and penguin followers.

            Millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft each year and their financial losses are in the billions. In 2010 (the latest data available), an estimated 8.6 million Americans experienced identity theft, causing losses of $13.3 billion.

            Protecting your identity against fraud. Keeping your personal information secure.

            Identity theft is a growing problem in Illinois and nationwide. Often, victims don’t realize their personal information has been stolen until they apply for a job or a loan.

              Of the “Apple Picking” Penguin Church Craigslist

              SS: i have been talking about the penguin cult church shoplifting ring sells their stolen stuff on craigslist .. the cops busted some loser stealing from his work and selling on craigslist .. that is because thieves are always stealing even from work .  i think a lot of “apple picking” swiping peoples iphones ipads probably happens a lot at places of work  .. a thief is always looking for something to steal to make easy money.

              Thieves busted after office workers spot stolen furniture on craigslist November 26, 2012 at 9:53 PM MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo ( – A West St. Louis County police sting uncovered a major theft ring after some stolen goods ended up on Craigslist. Maryland Heights police say the undercover bust netted a custodian caught stealing from an office where he worked. News 4 has reported about bad guys lurking behind internet postings, some, out to rob you or scam you.  But in this case, police turned the tables on a suspected thief by simply responding to his Craigslist ad.

              Smartphone buyers are being warned to think twice before making a Craigslist purchase following reports of robberies.

              Three men are jailed after police say they stole items from a Moultonborough property and posted them on Craigslist.

                Of the Penguin Church Shoplifting Ring Brazen Holidays

                SS: the holiday season is getting started and the shoplfting is on the increase .. it is time to get tuffer on repeat offenders . we can see in this article what i have been talking about the penguin cult church shoplifting ring selling stolen goods on craigslist to support steroid drug habit. this is to warn the store employee be careful because the penguin church is on the juice and it is toward the end of a roid cycle that roid rage starts to kick in. a lot of shoplifting turns to violence when they attempt to escape after being confronted .. shoplifters never buy anything they don’t have too .. remember to be watchful and careful this holiday season.

                Shoplifting is costing us billions November 9, 2012 “Shoplifting is literally costing Australians billions as both the cost of lost goods and the cost of counter theft measures are generally passed on to consumers,” Dr Mortimer said. “Then there are the professional gangs at work who steal large volumes of goods and sell them interstate, on ebay or at markets.”

                Pierre Thomas outlines tricks from a new generation of thieves.

                Albuquerque police say brazen burglars recently broke into an officer’s home and stole some of his uniforms.

                  Of the Home Improvement Penguin Church

                  SS: this is reminder to everyone to be watchful and careful this holiday season. the shopping season is going to start and the penguin church shoplifting ring is not going to want to miss out this season to make the easy money shoplifting. home improvement stores are big target because much stolen warez can be sold on craiglist to those who are looking for a bargain christmas presents.

                  SS: must be careful because the penguin church is steroids juicing it and the first months of juicing it they will feel high and confident. the later months of juicing it is when the roid rage can happen. try to remember that someone on steroids will have more strength than normal due to the steroid juice they are injecting.

                  SS: steroid cycles are generally cost about a grand for a three month cycle fix .. the steroid user has seven weeks after ending cycle to start their next cycle before muscles start to degenerate into fat. this stage  steroid users are eating more when they are on steroids and when they come off they still keep on eating so it become important for them to start their next cycle. if they miss time for next cycle then they must still get another fix to pump back up their muscles from fat. the penguin church shoplifting is not about survival as they claim but rather about getting their next steroid fix. which this penguin did the steroids but didnt work out because tried lift to much weights and hurt shoulder and so he didnt even work out.

                  Spartanburg police are looking for man who they say has stolen merchandise from at least two home improvement stores, and who was caught on camera by a store employee.

                  FILE-In this Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009, file photo, a Black & Decker Workmate bench is displayed at a store in Little Rock, Ark. Tool maker Stanley Black & Decker Inc. announced Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012, that it is selling its hardware and home-improvement business to Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. for $1.4 billion in cash. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

                  Lisa Colagrossi reports on an explosive discovery at a Huntington Station Home Depot

                  Lucy Yang reports from Huntington Station.

                    Of the Penguin Church Holiday “Apple Picking” on Steroids

                    SS: everyone knows now penguin cult church shoplifting ring has moved up to “apple picking” to pay for holiday fix’s .. everyone  needs be watchful this holiday season with penguin church juicin means “apple picking” on steroids. need be both watchful and careful this holiday season. 11-05-13 update: btw if you didnt know that is britney 2013 halloween costume lol .

                    Police warn against “Apple picking” after recent spike in iPhone thefts 11/12/13 Vanderstel warned that if an iPhone is stolen, it should be reported to the carrier immediately. Fortunately for LaPres, the police were already at the party she was attending to check on a noise complaint and were able to track down the suspects. “The boys who did this were caught in an alley two roads over and then one of them, while they were being questioned, dropped a phone out of his pants, and that gave the cops probable cause to then search them,” she said.

                    Halifax man charged in major steroid bust Oct. 5, 2012  Greg Doucette, 37, is facing charges of possessing, smuggling, importing and trafficking steroids. He was arrested Aug. 24 in connection with the bust. Albert Price, manager of the agency’s criminal investigations division for the Atlantic region, says the steroids were sent through the mail.

                    This book cover image released by Penguin shows “Freud’s Sister,” by Goce Smilevski. (AP Photo/Penguin)

                    This book cover image released by The Penguin Press shows “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t,” by Nate Silver. (AP Photo/The Penguin Press)

                    The Canada Border Services Agency says it seized more than $250,000 worth of steroids.


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