SS: seven year graphs of the dollar above. seems to be a pattern and it looks almost like 2007 – 2008 again. everyone has been talking about russia being caught in the crunch but i think we might be caught in a crunch too. if there is another economic crisis then i think that we should be prepared for any thing that could happen. if the usa were to be invaded i think i would feel better with the police being well armed . the army is selling humvees to the general public now too. if i have a humvee i would have one in case of an invasion.

SS: i think we should not turn everyone against the police. maybe there a few things that maybe just requires more better training. however, i do not believe the police are out to kill everyone. whatever is going on with the military militarizing the country might be to prepare for the next economic crisis. the usa is a very hard country to invade because the largest standing army of hunters in the world reside east of the mississippi. if the police have mraps and citizens have humvees then the usa is even more formidable against an invasion. just ask the britian about that they know all about it.

SS: everyone this is important. you should sell all your gold and silver now while they are low. do not worry you can buy them back when they are higher. now is the time to panic sell. buy high sell low everybody. right now is a strong dollar so you do not want to buy a bunch of commodities with a strong dollar while they are low. it will be ok because you can buy them when wake up and they are much higher because the dollar crashes again. surely you will have another opportunity to sell low again if you do manage to buy some. wait till it gets really low before you sell again. buy high sell low everybody.

Humvees Sell for up to $42K in First Public Auction of Military Truck DECEMBER 17, 2014 It was a military bake sale of sorts. For the first time in history, the U.S. military auctioned off some of its surplus Humvees to the public. And truck-lovers responded in kind, paying as much as $41,000 for the iconic military vehicle that entered service in the mid-1980s, spawned a commercial version called the Hummer in the 1990s and was replaced in the 2000s by bigger, more blast-resistant trucks known as MRAPs during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In all, the online auction house IronPlanet Inc. on Wednesday auctioned 25 of the vehicles on behalf of the Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency, netting a total of $744,000. Bidding started at $10,000 and escalated quickly, indicating a high level of interest from buyers for the light-duty utility trucks, even though they can’t be driven on roads and can only be used for off-road purposes.

A armored military Humvee belonging to the Missouri National Guard sits at a perimeter blockade in Spanish Lake, Missouri on November 25, 2104 (AFP Photo/Michael B. Thomas)