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Of the COR B Eclipse Sun Drop

SS:  here is the COR B Sun Drop .. looks almost like the COR A Sun Drop .. this COR B will be sold at the same time as this coiled serpent which will be three days after the next solar and lunar eclipse . so this COR B Sun Drop is actually eclipse  .

SS: if these sun drops were priestess dew drops i talk about the royal jelly from the northern triangle .. the coiled serpent is the swan egg nebula .. well if they were these dew drops that drop down the stem of the lotus into the water below that the mermaid eats then i would think that the COR A rose and cross Sun Drop would be priestess and this COR B enchantress .. however “norma jean” is enchantress and not elizabeth taylor ..

Mayan Astronomy Whereas the Egyptians studied the movements of the Hyades, Orion and its companion star Sirius, the Maya were more interested in the nearby Pleiades star-cluster. They viewed it as the warning rattle of a great cosmic serpent, which seems to have corresponded to the ecliptic. The head of this serpent was the sun and they believed that it was the source of all life on earth.

Men of Earth! Seek out the heirs of Atlas; let them order you into a phalanx, let them build you into a pyramid; that may pierce that appointed which awaits you, to establish a new dynasty of Atlanteans to be the mainstay and mainspring of the Earth, the pioneers of their own path to heaven, and to our lord and Father, the Sun! And he put his hand upon his thigh, and swore it. — Liber Li by A.’.A.’.

Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond, emerald and gold “Snake” bracelet watch, by BVLGARI, circa 1961, estimated at $12,000 – $15,000, is shown in this photograph at Christie’s, in New York, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2001. Christie’s auction house is selling her complete jewelry collection in New York on Dec. 13-14. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

A Vivid Yellow super-saturated pear shaped diamond weighing nearly 33 carats in an image courtesy of Christie’s. REUTERS/HandoutA Vivid Yellow super-saturated pear shaped diamond weighing nearly 33 carats in an image courtesy of Christie’s. REUTERS/Handout

45P Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušáková Brightens

SS: 28 Sept 2011 starmap shows object 45P Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušáková as it has brightened as it near the sun producing a long tail .. it is near the ix chel-sehkmet debris cloud and the two nephews Xbalanque and Hunahpu .

Many versions of the Twin Myth must have circulated among the Mayas, but the only one that survives in a written form is the Classical K’iche’ version in the Popol Vuh. According to this version, the Hero Twins were Xbalanque and Hunahpu (Modern K’iche’: Xb‘alanke and Junajpu)

X-rays from Comets Submitted by chandra on Thu, 11/04/2010 X-rays are usually associated with some of the hottest objects in the Universe and exotic matter — black holes, neutron stars and the like. It is one of the wonders of the universe that, pound for pound, a dirty snowball may outshine them all!

As I have described before, the solar wind is made up of highly ionized particles – mostly hydrogen, but also helium, carbon, oxygen and even neon. When such highly charged particles come close to neutral molecules, such as water molecules surrounding a comet, a peculiar reaction occurs. The highly ionized particle literally steals an electron from the neutral molecule.

This charge transfer, or “charge exchange,” leaves the ion in a slightly less charged state, but with an electron that is barely attached. Like a wide receiver adjusting his grip on a football after a one-handed grab, the ion tightens its grip on the recently acquired electron. In scientific terms, the electron then relaxes to a “lower energy state.” This process gives rise to a photon that is usually either a high-energy ultraviolet photon or a low-energy X-ray.

This artist rendering provided by The Europeans Southern Observatory shows the planet orbiting the Sun-like star HD 85512 in the southern constellation of Vela (The Sail). This planet is one of sixteen super-Earths discovered by the HARPS instrument on the 3.6-metre telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory. This planet is about 3.6 times as massive as the Earth lis at the edge of the habitable zone around the star, where liquid water, and perhaps even life, could potentially exist. Astronomers have confirmed a second planet outside our solar system that seems to be in the right place for life _ just barely. But it would be a steam bath world: hot, sticky and downright uncomfortable. (AP Photo/artist rendering provided by The Europeans Southern Observatory)

Of the Golconda Diamonds

A model displays a diamond ring with a 9.27-carat Golconda pink diamond, bottom, and a pink diamond ring with a 6.01-carat cushion-shaped blue diamond, top, during the Sotheby’s auction preview in Hong Kong Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011. The 6.01-carat blue diamond ring is estimated to fetch US$9-11 million while the 9.27-carat pink diamond ring US$13-19 million. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

A model displays a De Beers Millennium Blue Diamond at an auction in Hong Kong. Botswana and De Beers have signed a 10-year deal that will see the world?s leading producer of diamonds moving its rough stone sorting and trading division from London to Gaborone, an official said Monday

Of the Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin Drone

SS: today i want to talk and teach about hive drones .. obviously we all know that a queenBee must mate with a drone before she will become a fertilized and useful queen .. now when we consider this we must think that what drone the queen is mating with makes a difference whether she becomes a queen or not and what kind she might become .

SS: there is no hybrid Priestess Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin Queen because to be a priestess u MUST be tuned “Soul of Earth” and eat royal jelly that drops down the spine of the lotus into the water below . if eat regular honey that does not come from the lotus then you will not develop your sirius eclipsing binary “scalar potential” . when i say royal jelly i am referring to the polestar sciences of the northern triangle in which the soma drops down from the lunar swan by the polestar eagle .

SS: the truth is that if you have a Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin Drone then you are a Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin Queen which develops and uses a “jackal mirror” and not a priestess “Astral Mirror” .. the defective mirror is a problem but there are other problems such as how a Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin never forms a “scalar potential” . why is the “jackal mirror” a problem ?? because in the astral light you will have strange reflections like penguins showing up on beaches to eat dirt after volcanos erupt that the british monarchy and the UN and NATO need to make ok for Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin to eat lots of dirt .

SS: Kirkjubaejarklaustur Penguin Queen’s are not tuned “Soul of Earth” she will not ever reach the astral . so the penguin queen is a one time hoorah   the reason is because she never formed a full looped “scalar potential” so she can’t reach it . because she did not form a full looped “Scalar Potential” then she will also not form an eclipsing binary which is a secret of the scalar beehive .

SS: this is the secret order .. we don’t just proclaim things like the penguin church .. we prove you are a genuine queenBee here .. penguin queens we trade those ten for one they won’t even make it to astral light they are not as useful can’t build with them cuz they only for the night and thats it they not come back tomorrow and next night . a one time shot for them .

SS: the reason for this blog is because there are some people who do not yet understand the very very basics of hiving .. you can be born a virgin queen but without a drone you not a queen . if you do have a drone well it depends on if u have a polestar drone to be a priestess queenBee which the pyramid builders only manifest once every 36000 years so they much rare .

The young penguin that captured global attention when it washed up on a New Zealand beach after straying thousands of kilometres from home was released by scientist into subantarctic waters in the Southern Ocean on Sunday. To match story NEWZEALAND/PENGUIN REUTERS/New Zealand National institute of Water and Atmospheric Research NIWA/Handout (NEW ZEALANDANIMALS DAY – Tags: ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY)

In this book cover image released by Penguin, “The Cradle in the Grave,” by Sophie Hannah, is shown. (AP Photo/Penguin)In this book cover image released by Penguin, “The Cradle in the Grave,” by Sophie Hannah, is shown. (AP Photo/Penguin)

Turkish Stealth Ships Launched

President Gul, Preveza Naval Victory 473 Navy Day and the anniversary of the scope, design and integration of national resources is completely at the first war ship “Heybeliada” ship’s service entrance, and “Buyukada” in order to reduce the sea in ships participated in the ceremony held in Pendik, Istanbul Naval Shipyard.

Milgem class corvette MİLGEM class corvette, from the Turkish words Milli Gemi (National Ship), is the name of one of two Turkish national warship programs (the other being the TF-2000 project); the purpose of which is to build a modern littoral combat warship with indigenous capabilities, extensively using the principles of stealth technology in its design. Construction of the first MİLGEM class corvette, F-511 TCG HEYBELİADA, began on 26 July 2005. TCG HEYBELİADA was put to sea with a ceremony on September 27, 2008 (during which the construction of F-512 TCG BÜYÜKADA, the second MİLGEM class warship, also began) and is scheduled to be completed by 25 October 2010, when it will start undergoing full sea trials before being officially commissioned. F-511 TCG Heybeliada is expected to enter service in early 2011.[1] A total of twelve MİLGEM class warships (eight corvettes and four frigates) will be built for the Turkish Navy, with possible exports to other countries.[2] The Pakistan Navy will acquire 4 Milgem class corvettes over a 10-year program, of which 3 will be manufactured in local shipyards.[5]

Of the Ancient Iapetus Battlestation Moon

SS: i have claimed for the secret order this battlestation moon .. the reason i call it this is because it looks exactly like the deathstar in the movie star wars .. in the cassini images below we are looking at ancient artifact that appears to run around the equator of the moon .

Equatorial ridge A further mystery of Iapetus is the equatorial ridge that runs along the center of Cassini Regio, about 1,300 km long, 20 km wide, 13 km high. It was discovered when the Cassini spacecraft imaged Iapetus on December 31, 2004. Parts of the ridge rise more than 20 km above the surrounding plains. The ridge forms a complex system including isolated peaks, segments of more than 200 km and sections with three near parallel ridges.[27] Within the bright regions there is no ridge, but there are a series of isolated 10 km peaks along the equator.[28] The ridge system is heavily cratered, indicating that it is ancient. The prominent equatorial bulge gives the moon a walnut-like appearance. It is not clear how the ridge formed. One difficulty is to explain why it follows the equator almost perfectly.

SS: below is an orbit of iapetus around saturn .. notice how far out it is compared to all the other saturn moons .. there is no other moon object in the entire solar system with this strange of an orbit that is not only very far from the planet but also it does not orbit the equator but rather a very strange orbit far north and south of the poles of saturn .. click on the orbital map below to have a closer look at this strange orbit .

SS: if this object were a battlestation in the previous protostar “timezone” then it probably was in this orbit around the brown dwarf . that explains the strange orbit . this not a moon it is an artifact which makes wonder why martians have moon-sized battlestation orbiting their brown dwarf . i suspect it had the capability to move the brown dwarf system and also maintained the brown dwarf convection .. the two asteroid moons of mars are both orbits are circling into the martian planet and eventually will crash into the planet like they are satellites instead of moons . this solar system has ancient artifacts from previous brown dwarf system .

Iapetus raw image was taken on June 04, 2011 and received on Earth June 06, 2011. The camera was pointing toward IAPETUS at approximately 1,009,573 kilometers away, and the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Upcoming Hunab Ku Benu Bird Eclipse

SS: 25 Nov 2011 is the Hunab Ku Benu Bird Eclipse .. as the benu bird has been rising and brightening it grows to its brightest during these two eclipses and can see that the benu bird will be present in the eclipsed sky ..  the solar eclipse is going to be mostly new zealand can see in the map above where have been recent Kirkjubaejarklaustur penguin .

Partial Solar Eclipse of November 25 The fourth and final solar eclipse of the year occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in western Scorpius. The event is visible from high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere and includes southern South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania and most of New Zealand (Figure 5).

MAYAN BEE GOD The Bee image of a flying god has to be related to a stinging element. Ophiuchus has a blocky appearance with a pointed roof. It has two extra areas on each side where the radishes appear to fit. The area on the left stretches out into the Milky Way, just about where there is a break in the star formation. It gives the appearance of bees either coming or going from a hive. The two places that use a bee-god image most prominently are near the sea coast at Tulum, and in the Mississippi area of the US.

Seen in the Kudurra (a Babylonian boundary stone) in the stage below ground sits the goddess Gulu, (the earth-goddess; also Ninmah, goddess of the underworld), where the cosmic serpent begins to rise. She is the patroness of herbs, healing, life, as her flowered garment shows. Hands lifted in prayer, she sits with her dog, defender of homes, while before her a Scorpion Archer mounts guard at the uttermost bound of the earth (cosmic sea), to defend against demonic powers and protect the rising and setting sun.

“I go in like the Hawk,and I come forth… like the Bennu, the Morning Star ( the planet Venus… or Sirius )… of Ra; I am the Bennu… which is in Heliopolis” “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.”.

Total Lunar Eclipse of December 10 The last eclipse of 2011 is a total lunar eclipse that takes place at the Moon’s descending node in eastern Taurus, four days after apogee. The Moon’s orbital trajectory takes it through the southern half of Earth’s umbral shadow. Although the eclipse is not central, the total phase still lasts 51 minutes.

Ix Chel-Sehkmet Debris Cloud X-Flare

SS: i think now what i said as Ix Chel-Sehkmet was incoming that as it near the sun we might see an increase in solar activity which has been true .. the Ix Chel-Sehkmet is in solar graze now but we do not see a bright object because it is now a debris cloud cause by disintigration when impacted by a cme from the sun ..

SS: now we have some data that shows an increase in solar activity as Ix Chel-Sehkmet arrived and began solar graze since we now have three x-flares in just a few weeks .. as cme’s interact with the earth’s magnetosphere cause heating earth core produces increase in volcanic activity on earth as magma begins to expand .

Ix Chel-Sehkmet Debris Cloud Solar Activity Increase
X-Flare Signals Arrival of Ix Chel-Sehkmet

STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: On Saturday morning, Sept. 24th, behemoth sunspot 1302 unleashed another strong flare–an X1.9-category blast at 0940 UT. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash: The movie also shows a shadowy shock wave racing away from the blast site. This is a sign that the blast produced a coronal mass ejection (CME). Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab say the CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 26 at 14:10 UT (+/- 7 hours); click here for an animated forecast track. Geomagnetic storms are possible when the CME arrives

Of the Ix Chel-Sehkmet Solar Graze

SS: 22 Sept 2011 the Ix Chel-Sehkmet and Venus astral debris cloud passed directly over the planet venus and signaled the beginning of the solar graze . you can see the moon in the starmap is moving toward the sun and the Ix Chel-Sehkmet will make it’s solar graze in an alignment of the moon, venus, and Ix Chel-Sehkmet object ..

SS: venus is the astral light and the moon is it mirror and symbolizes the secret order .. and this accompanies the Ix Chel-Sehkmet as she wears the solar crown, and also as she is spreading apart into a debris dust cloud .. and now i have the alignment starmaps below:

Many versions of the Twin Myth must have circulated among the Mayas, but the only one that survives in a written form is the Classical K’iche’ version in the Popol Vuh. According to this version, the Hero Twins were Xbalanque and Hunahpu (Modern K’iche’: Xb‘alanke and Junajpu)

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet was originally the warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing Upper Egypt. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath created the desert. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare.

Maahes, God of War and Protection, The Leonine Lord of SlaughterMaahes (Mahes, Mihos, Miysis, Mysis) was the ancient Egyptian lion-god of war. Both a god of war and a guardian and a lord of the horizon. He was believed to help Ra fight against Apep in the solar barque each night, a god who protected the pharaoh while he was in battle.

SS: these two starmaps above are of the Ix Chel-Sehkmet Solar Graze Moon and Venus Alignment of 26 – 27 Sept 2011 . you can see how the moon and the comet converged together during solar graze . we can see the details that the frauds will not like you to see the secret order polestar science of precession ..

SS: the moon and venus is the astral light, venus being the astral light and the moon its mirror .. it is also the secret order silver star and it should be clear with this solar graze the ix chel-sehkmet is a secret order object, even as a disintegration cloud since the object is not this bright since it is disintigrating from a solar flare .

Mayan Astronomy The Maya made daytime observations of Venus. Venus had a psychological effect upon the Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures, it has been shown that the Maya were timing some of their wars based on the stationary points of Venus and Jupiter.

SS: the upper 09 Oct 2011 starmap shows is the Ix Chel-Sehkmet Regulus Alignment .. you can see the two maahes nephews xbalanque and hunahpu are now traveling in formation together after the solar graze .

SS: the middle 17 Oct 2011 starmap is the Ix Chel Sehkmet Lunar Beehive Cluster Alignment .. the Ix Chel Sehkmet is just above the Beehive Cluster and the moon is in the Orion Stargate .. from the star regulus to the twin stars of castor and pollux is called the BEEHIVE CROWN which the central point of this crown is the Beehive Cluster .

SS: the lower 19 Oct 2011 is the Ix Chel-Sehkmet Lunar Beehive Cluster Alignment .. we can see that two days later the moon has moved from Orion Stargate and meets the Ix Chel-Sehkmet in the center of the BEEHIVE CROWN . clearly is secret order precession beehive sciences this precision timed alignments .

Amazon Priestess Enchantress Crown Jewel
Of the Diamond Emerald Beehive Crown
Of the Amazon Beehive Crown Jewel
Of the African Beehive Crown Jewel
Of the Bogota Beehive Gold Mask

PRAESAEPE A cluster of stars better known by the name the “Beehive Cluster”, or the Latin equivalent, Praesepe, which not only means a “hive” but also a “Manger”, or “Crib”. The name Beehive derives from the appearance of a swarm of stars in a dance of activity. In Orphic teaching, souls were symbolized by bees, not only because of the association with honey but also because they migrate from the hive in swarms, since it was held that souls ‘swarm’.

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations The Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge of geometry and Precession is clearly demonstrated on the Nermer Plate. The centre point is the tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown. Line One is through the Club. Line Two bisects the Crown. This creates four angles each of 90 degrees. Line Three is the horizontal at the tip of the Crown. Line Four is the vertical through the tip of the Crown. Already the formation of angles of 30 degrees can be observed. The tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown becomes a dot within a circle; the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra and the concept of Precession. It is the pinnacle of the Axis Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve. (See Part 5) A revolution through the heavens of twelve 30-degree segments can take one year or, in the case of Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac, 25920 years. The division of the heavens into twelve 30-degree segments gives the appearance of a starburst. A further division into 15-degree segments creates the 24-hour day.

SS: below 31 Oct 2011  starmap is the Ix Chel-Sehkmet in Orion Stargate as earth passes through it’s debris tail … what has happen to this comet was the worst that could have happen to this comet that it disintegrate so close to perihelion on a path of a close solar graze and a path that earth will pass through it’s debris within days after comet passes the earth orbit .

SS: we can see from all the starmaps i posted above that the Ix Chel-Sehkmet object is traveling along the ecliptic and that means that we will pass through it debris tail only within days of it passing through earth’s orbit along the ecliptic . we probably might see some fireballs accompanied with sonic booms into the ether coming out of the Stargate Orion region along with a strong dusting of astral light  .

Of the Eclipsing Beehive Binaries

SS: the lyran polestar has an eclipsing binary system and so does the queenstar sirius which is isis singer and enchantress . the ancient egyptians always these two eclipsing binaries together . here is an image of sirius isis binary system Hieroglyph of Sirius/Sopdet which the central star is orbited by smaller companion star x-ray source .. the eclipsing binary planet seen in the above and below images called kepler 16 is located in the constellation of cygnus the swan .

SS: last year the isis queenstar alignment occurred on 02 dec as hartley was next to the eclipsing binary star Sirius and as another object ikeya-murakami began to outburst near saturn and the moon .. it was during this isis queenstar alignment the saturn storm plume appeared .

458a. {djed medu} sebesh pet onekh sepedet en unis is onekh za sepedet {Whenever said is the solitary Word sah}, so that the Blue Void will cause-a-gleaming, so that the Sirius-like-Eye will live-visibly (for an Atlantean is a living one, a son of the Sirius-like-Eye),

458b. uob en en ef pesedjeti it will be because the bilateral-Microcosm (in his spine) has originated-Soul-control for him 458c. em mesekhetiu ikhem sek in the analogous Adze-Star, the Inner Polestar – The Pyramid Texts by THOTH : Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara

Scientists find planet orbiting two suns like in ‘Star Wars’ September 16, 2011 The Tatooine-like world about the size of Saturn is a frozen mass of rock and gas about 200 light years from Earth. NASA astronomers say it was discovered by the Kepler spacecraft launched in 2009.

NASA handout image shows an artist’s concept of the circumbinary planet Kepler-16b – the first planet known to definitively orbit two stars. The cold planet, with its gaseous surface, is not thought to be habitable. The largest of the two stars, a K dwarf, is about 69 percent the mass of our sun, and the smallest, a red dwarf, is about 20 percent the sun’s mass. These star pairs are called eclipsing binaries. REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

NASA handout image shows an artist’s concept of the planet Kepler-16b with its two stars. The cold planet, with its gaseous surface, is not thought to be habitable. The largest of the two stars, a K dwarf, is about 69 percent the mass of our sun, and the smallest, a red dwarf, is about 20 percent the sun’s mass. These star pairs are called eclipsing binaries. REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

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