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Of the Tetrahedron Molecular Bonding Regenerating Planet Theory

SS: there are several holes in NASA’s theory here on this new webpage they made .. NASA try tell all of everyone that titan has a hydrous silicate core and think we just take their word for it . well for one thing the “hydrous silicate core” theory cannot be completely right according to my polestar sciences .. the problem with titan having only a “hydrous silicate core” is that it has an atmosphere with clouds and it rains at the poles which is cause for the giant Kraken Mare lake at the north pole.. if it has an atmosphere then it must have a magnetic field magnetosphere, because without a magnetosphere then the moon would have already lost it’s atmosphere to space, and since titan obviously has an atmosphere then it also has a magnetic field and magnetosphere then this mean that titan must also have some kind of molten core like earth to project the magnetic field magnetosphere . therefore i believe that NASA’s theory about titan’s core is incorrect because an atmosphere equals molten core in polestar science .. if didnt have a magnetic field then would lose the atmosphere to space .

SS: well just to be sure i have my radioactive cometary core theory .. titan is not an asteroid with a rocky core and no atmosphere .. titan is a moon and moons were like comets during the proto-star stage until polarization cause their cores radiation to become molten form and cause them to grow and some to form a magnetosphere and atmosphere. the ice is maybe methane in a crystalline form since methane has tetrahedral molecular bonding .. since crystals actually grow could be how the titan moon is regenerating methane by growing methane ice crystals and then changing its form into a liquid by internal heat forming the underground oceans of methane that is being produced inside the moon.  diamonds and water both have tetrahedral molecular bonding and these tetrahedrons can become like ice in crystalline form changing to liquid form .

SS: NASA has theorized an “underground ammonia salted water ocean” and that this theorized “ammonia salted ocean” can cause deep reservoirs of underground methane. i think this titan “ammonia salted ocean” doesnt seem likely since we do not see any salt water being vented like we do with the salt moon enceladus .. we know enceladus has an underground salt ocean so where is its methane lakes and atmosphere ?? i cannot just take nasa word for it when clearly they are wrong about titan’s core .. the titan moon has to be regenerating it’s methane because like nasa themselves said the methane is geologically destroyed very quickly by the sun. at this moment i do not believe that this nasa titan theory as an actual truth science it has to be categorized as something else like a “cover theory” .. i wonder why nasa would not want everyone to know that planets have crystalline tetrahedral molecular bonding regenerative properties internally .. well this fact is why mars can be brought back to life by the sun .

SS: this titan i have exposed another nasa theory that is incorrect .. i think this is more evidence that nasa are wrong about many theories .. of course i have other nasa theories i have exposed in the past that is why i am wary about anything nasa says and also why i have implemented encapsulation many times in my sciences . these fake nasa “cover theory” that is not truth or consequences is in the way . it only took 2000 years for man to reach our current level of technology .. i wonder how long it took the martians to reach their technology level before they met with the “catastrophe” .. i think it was more than 2000 years .. so as far as secret order matters we can wait a few thousand more years for those secret order space ships if we must . and we already more than half-way there .. that is why i have maintain backup plan A because i already knew before i even got here what happen .

Earth’s magnetic field (also known as the geomagnetic field) is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth’s inner core to where it meets the solar wind, a stream of energetic particles emanating from the Sun. It is approximately the field of a magnetic dipole tilted at an angle of 11 degrees with respect to the rotational axis—as if there were a bar magnet placed at that angle at the center of the Earth. However, unlike the field of a bar magnet, Earth’s field changes over time because it is generated by the motion of molten iron alloys in the Earth’s outer core (the geodynamo).

Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4. It is the simplest alkane, the main component of natural gas, and probably the most abundant organic compound on earth. The relative abundance of methane makes it an attractive fuel. However, because it is a gas at normal conditions, methane is difficult to transport from its source . Methane is a tetrahedral molecule with four equivalent C-H bonds.

The most common arrangement of liquid water molecules is tetrahedral with two hydrogen atoms covalently attached to oxygen and two attached by hydrogen bonds. Since the hydrogen bonds vary in length many of these water molecules are not symmetrical and form transient irregular tetrahedra between their four associated hydrogen atoms.

Cassini Finds Likely Subsurface Ocean on Saturn Moon 06.28.12 Researchers saw a large amount of squeezing and stretching as the moon orbited Saturn. They deduced that if Titan were composed entirely of stiff rock, the gravitational attraction of Saturn would cause bulges, or solid “tides,” on the moon only 3 feet (1 meter) in height. Spacecraft data show Saturn creates solid tides approximately 30 feet (10 meters) in height, which suggests Titan is not made entirely of solid rocky material. The finding appears in today’s edition of the journal Science.

Maps of Titan – January 2009 Evidence from Cassini’s imaging science subsystem, radar, and visual and infrared mapping spectrometer instruments strongly suggests that dark areas near the poles are lakes of liquid hydrocarbons-an analysis affirmed by images capturing those changes in the lakes thought to be brought on by rainfall.

This diagram shows Saturn’s largest moon Titan using data from gravity measurements by NASA’s Cassini probe, which suggest an underground water ocean exists on the satellite. Image released June 28, 2012. A. Tavani

This image provided by NASA shows Saturn’s largest moon Titan. A new study being released on Thursday, June 14,2012 suggests the presence of a hydrocarbon lake and several ponds near the equator of Titan, a surprise to scientists who thought lakes only existed at the poles. (AP Photo/NASA)

This undated true color image by the Cassini spacecraft released by NASA shows Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, passing in front of the planet and its rings. A new study released Thursday, June 28, 2012 suggests there may be an ocean below Titan’s frigid surface. (AP Photo/NASA)

Of the Methane Moon Titan

SS: what is interesting about titan is that we discovered something potruding from the moon .. if the andromedan martian brown dwarf system was mining titan then we have to wonder if they were mining methane unless it were being used as a fuel .. they had space ships size of small moons we may have already found orbiting around saturn the spaceship that was mining titan . maybe we will learn if they were mining methane from titan or something else.

SS: the discovery of a methane lake on titan shows us two things .. first i think it shows us that the andromedians must not had much time for mining before the “catastrophe” because as we can see there is now methane pouring out onto the surface of the planet from underground .. and or that the methane is being regenerated produced inside the moon .

SS: the second thing shows to us again that the liquids are inside the objects and breakout to the surface .. obviously there are methane oceans under the surface of titan .. if we use this same science with earth then the earth’s ocean were formed by underground oceans breaking through the surface .. this likely mean that if we had a submarine we could explore underground oceans .

SS: methane has a molecular bonding of a tetrahedron .. both water and diamonds also have tetrahedral molecular bonding. if we look at the haumea moon we can see that it’s ice that is constantly being regenerated is tetrahedral molecular bonding .. this titan moon is probably also has these same regenerative properties .

Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4. It is the simplest alkane, the main component of natural gas, and probably the most abundant organic compound on earth. The relative abundance of methane makes it an attractive fuel. However, because it is a gas at normal conditions, methane is difficult to transport from its source . Methane is a tetrahedral molecule with four equivalent C-H bonds.

A dark spot on Titan’s surface may be a tropical oasis Jun 13, 2012 The non-reflective oval region was present in Cassini data from 2004 through 2008, so it is a persistent feature. Since the tropics of Titan are arid, if this dark spot is truly a lake, it cannot be fed by rain. Instead, it must be a desert oasis, supplied by an underground methane source. Interestingly, if this result is borne out, it might help solve the problem of how Titan renews its atmospheric methane, which is depleted as the Sun’s light changes it into other hydrocarbons. Underground sources of methane, if they are sufficient to feed tropical lakes, may also vent elsewhere on the surface.

Maps of Titan – January 2009 Evidence from Cassini’s imaging science subsystem, radar, and visual and infrared mapping spectrometer instruments strongly suggests that dark areas near the poles are lakes of liquid hydrocarbons-an analysis affirmed by images capturing those changes in the lakes thought to be brought on by rainfall.

This image was taken on June 19, 2012 and received on Earth June 19, 2012. The camera was pointing toward TITAN at approximately 2,383,083 miles (3,835,200 kilometers) away, and the image was taken using the BL1 and CL2 filters. This image has not been validated or calibrated. A validated/calibrated image will be archived with the NASA Planetary Data System in 2013. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

This image provided by NASA shows Titan with Saturn’s rings in the background. A new study being released on Thur. June 14, 2012 suggests the dark areas near Titan’s equator indicate the presence of a hydrocarbon lake and several ponds, a surprise to scientists who thought lakes only existed at the poles. (AP Photo/NASA)

A mosaic of the Huygens probe landing site, as seen by the descent imager/spectral radiometer (DIRS) on the Huygens probe. The mosaic is overlaid on a Cassini orbiter radar image, taken on an Oct. 28, 2005, flyby. ESA/NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/USGS

Of the Samurai Priestess

SS: this blog is for my priestess samurai queen .. my priestess queenBee is enchantress priestess and also a samurai queen because she has been trained the martial art that i call “relying on ones bardo” .. and knowledge of the courtyards and pathways to and from the high house .. my enchantress “norma jean” has an iq higher than einstiens because my priestess is very intelligent and with much knowledge and wisdom .

Using or throwing a dagger or a knife, whether moving or standing still, developed into an art (tantojutsu) in which the women of the buke often became quite skilled. These women carried the dirk (kaiken) on their persons at all times, this weapon being for them what the katana was for their male counterparts. — Secrets of the Samurai

Among the weapons the samurai women handled with skill was the spear, both the straight (yari) and the curved (naginata), which customarily hung over the doors of every military household within the precincts of the clan’s establishment. She was also equally well versed in handling the short dagger (kaikan) , which like the male warrior’s wakizashi, was always carried on her person (usually in her sleeve or sash) and which she could deftly employ against armed foes in close combat or throw with deadly accuracy. — Secrets of the Samurai

Of the Atlantean High House

SS: this is the atlantean high house which actually there is a high house and a “netherworld” as the egyptians called it . below the high house is the nether world which is actually the land .. i think that it is an etheric hyper-dimension and it has its own dimension of time that is different from this 3D sinkhole dimensions .. and there is an astral dimension as well.. this 3D sinkhole was caused by two hyper-dimensions colliding .

SS: to enter the netherworld must pass through the “norma jean” stargate as enter into the mayan hunab ku beehive region .. this is where the heart is weighted on the scales of maat (libra) ..from their travel into Ophiuchus beehive region where the bees enter and leave the hive (the netherworld) of the northern triangle home of the pole-star vega .

SS: what this really means is that the “scalar potential” must be freed from the brane (illusion) and become a “full-looped scalar potential” and this first part is done in the Phoenix constellation as it travels up the river eradinus to the Orion Stargate which is one of two places the milky way intersects with the ecliptic.. at that point the “scalar potential” travels the Road of the Underworld (milky way) to the “norma jean” stargate where the heart must weight the same as a feather .. in our scalar physics it means the “scalar potential” must be tuned to “Soul of Earth” . which our sun is actually part of Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy which we will go more into that soon .. we return to the astral light from whence we came .

SS: in the egyptian images below can be seen the mermaid priestess enchantress entering and leaving the “norma jean” stargate .. the ancient egyptians knew this that the priestess enchantress was a mermaid .. that is because Thoth is an atlantean and he probably told them all about mermaid enchantress priestess .. the book of the dead is from the walls of the giza pyramids which are the pyramids that aligned with the three belt stars of Orion .

In structure, the castle of feudal times had evolved into a sophisticated and, eventually, practically impregnable fortress. It was generally designed as a series of “concentric compounds” isolated from each other by ramparts, moats, or walls”. and comprised such an intricate network of courts and passages that if one compound were lost to an invader, it could be recaptured from either side or totally on its own without substantially weakening the defensive strength of the other compounds. — Secrets of the Samurai

Whatever theories as to its nature may have been formed by the Magicians were upset by a famous experiment. A most holy High Priest, a man who at puberty had insisted on immediate marriage with all the women of his house, a Magician who had formed four new compounds of Zro, and discovered how to pass matter through matter, was honoured by the great death. On reaching the last corridor, where the concentrated spirals of Zro vapour whirled up into the Presence of Atla, he bade farewell to the appointed listeners in the manner suitable to his dignity, and then, taking a last deep draught of Zro into his lungs, rushed into the antrum. They heard him cry aloud “O!” with surprise, and then with inexpressible rapture the words “Behind Atla, Otla!” which were, and still are, completely unintelligible. Their surprise was greater, when, seven days later he came striding past them without greeting. He went to his “house” and shut himself up, was never seen or heard again, but was assuredly living at the time of the “catastrophe.” This man founded a school of philosophy, or rather, it founded itself on what it supposed him to have discovered; and this school disputes with the orthodox the credit of the final success. — Liber Li

125: Muthetepti emerges from the great gate in the sky. 174: Anubis introduces Hunefer to the weighing of his heart against the feather of Maat. Anubis depicted a second time, checks the accuracy of the balance. Thoth stands ready to write down the result, watched by the monster Ammit, who gobbles down hearts laden with sin. — The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Of the Incoming Comet Machholz Sun Grazer

SS: these are the new skymaps for the comet machholz that is arriving in a few weeks .. the first above 10 May 2012 skymap shows comet machholz passing near the star Ankaa in the constellation of the Phoenix .. in the same starmap can bee seen the Benu Bird which last year also entered in through the Phoenix constellation near the star Ankaa .. the benu bird has arisen traveled through the northern triangle, hercules, and is now nearing the Beehive Cluster just as comet machholz comes in through the phoenix constellation to graze the sun again .. my son is named Phoenix which i named him after this constellation and the city of Phoenix Arizona the Beehive Capital of the world .

SS: the second 06 June 2012 starmap is the day of the venus eclipse and the comet machholz can be seen in the constellation of Fornax the Furnace .. because the Benu Bird or Phoenix arises from its own ashes from the alchemical fire this region are all connected .. the Phoenix constellation is placed right at the mouth of the river eradinus and machholz will travel up the river eradinus until it grazes the sun 12 – 17 July 1012. this years solar graze should be identical in brightness we saw during the 2007 machholz comet solar graze passage.

“I go in like the Hawk,and I come forth… like the Bennu, the Morning Star ( the planet Venus… or Sirius )… of Ra; I am the Bennu… which is in Heliopolis” “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.”.

PRAESAEPE A cluster of stars better known by the name the “Beehive Cluster”, or the Latin equivalent, Praesepe, which not only means a “hive” but also a “Manger”, or “Crib”. The name Beehive derives from the appearance of a swarm of stars in a dance of activity. In Orphic teaching, souls were symbolized by bees, not only because of the association with honey but also because they migrate from the hive in swarms, since it was held that souls ‘swarm’.

SS: this first 22 june 2012 starmap the “Benu Bird” is in alignment with the moon and the Beehive Cluster .. comet maccholz is traveling along the river eradinus where it then enter constellation of orion and passes very near the Orion Nebula and through the belt stars of that the pyramids of giza are aligned with .. the egyptians designed their temples and wrote their sciences of passing through the stargates on the walls of their pyramids .

SS: the third starmap above show the comet machholz solar graze on the 12 – 17 july 2012 .. it will be as bright as the last time it came through here in april of 2007 .. as i build the astral archive it will become more clear how the secret order was already star418 with things before they even happen .. what we see going on in the skies today is actually part of the same thing that was going on in 2007 .. it is because of warped hyper-dimensional physics and the astral light has a spiraling motion and each round of comets is another spiral of the astral zro .

SS: i heard that it’s on fire tonight and it’s scorching hot tonight so i decided i better pour some fuel on the fire and turn it up a little bit more.. this is because “norma jean” is priestess enchantress who wears the beehive crown and not the fakelands elizabeth taylor .. we having a big venus eclipse tea party by the dragon furnace astral fire tonight because of this facts and everyone is invited .. if you wish to be reborn like the phoenix from this underworld and live again then travel along the river eradinus until u enter the orion stargate and then take the road of the underworld to the hunab ku beehive region “norma jean” stargate  passage into the atlantean high house of the northern triangle home of the pole-star vega .

Twelve Alligator now holds the staff of Venus, the Morning Star, the Bringer of Dawn. The possession of such objects confers status, authority, and the right to rule. (Brennan, p. 67) The tupayauri, defined by Holquin as “the royal sceptre, staff, royal insignia of the Inca,” was the symbol of Imperial authority among the historical Incas. Tupa means royal in Quechua, while yauri is the Aymara word for copper. (p.127)

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations The Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge of geometry and Precession is clearly demonstrated on the Nermer Plate. The centre point is the tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown. Line One is through the Club. Line Two bisects the Crown. This creates four angles each of 90 degrees. Line Three is the horizontal at the tip of the Crown. Line Four is the vertical through the tip of the Crown. Already the formation of angles of 30 degrees can be observed. The tip of the White Leo/Gemini Crown becomes a dot within a circle; the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra and the concept of Precession. It is the pinnacle of the Axis Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve. (See Part 5) A revolution through the heavens of twelve 30-degree segments can take one year or, in the case of Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac, 25920 years. The division of the heavens into twelve 30-degree segments gives the appearance of a starburst. A further division into 15-degree segments creates the 24-hour day.

Of the Kenya Lake Turkana

Kenya Wildlife Service rangers Juma Baraka (L) and Samuel Induare examine a two-month-old lion cub at the KWS headquarters in Nairobi. The cats are finding themselves under growing pressure as one of Africa’s fastest growing cities creeps onto ancient migration routes and hunting grounds. (AFP Photo/Simon Maina)

A view of Lake Turkana, Kenya, one of the hottest and most desolate regions of Africa. Poor, drought-prone and populated by pastoralists, northern Kenya — including the Turkana region — was largely overlooked for decades. But new-found oil and Africa’s largest wind farm could be set to change all that. (AFP Photo/Carl de Souza)

Of the Hollywood 3D Transformers

‘Transformers: The Ride’ lands at Universal Studios.

‘Transformers: The Ride’ lands at Universal Studios.

U.S. film director and producer Michael Bay poses below a model of the Bumblebee Autobot character at the premiere launch for the “Transformers-The Ride” at Universal Studios Singapore theme park, part of Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore December 2, 2011. REUTERS/Tim Chong

“Transformers: The Ride 3D” at Universal Studios Hollywood is shown in this publicity image released to Reuters May 24, 2012. The ride, which opens to the public on May 25 as the United States kicks off its summer holiday season, takes people by car through a futuristic city under siege by evil and immersed in combat between heroic shape-shifting characters, the Autobots, and their nemeses, the Decepticons. REUTERS/Universal Studios/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Of the Popocatepetl Volcano Monitoring Station

Soldiers monitor the activity of the Popocatepetl volcano at a military base in Puebla June 19, 2012. The Mexican army set up a centre to monitor the Popocatepetl volcano at a military base as part of the population relief plan in case of a disaster, local media reported. REUTERS/Imelda Medina (MEXICO – Tags: MILITARY DISASTER SOCIETY)

A soldier monitors the activity of the Popocatepetl volcano at a military base in Puebla June 19, 2012. The Mexican army set up a centre to monitor the Popocatepetl volcano at a military base as part of the population relief plan in case of a disaster, local media reported. REUTERS/Imelda Medina (MEXICO – Tags: MILITARY DISASTER SOCIETY)

Soldiers stand next to a scale model of the area where the Popocatepetl volcano is located at a military base in Puebla June 19, 2012. The Mexican army set up a centre to monitor the Popocatepetl volcano at a military base as part of the population relief plan in case of a disaster, local media reported. REUTERS/Imelda Medina (MEXICO – Tags: MILITARY DISASTER SOCIETY)

Of the Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 Holmes* Vanguard Escort

SS: this is part one of two or three part blogs regarding the “2013 Year of the Holmes* Comet” .. it could grow bigger as i prepare the data ..all of next year is going to be about this Holmes* comet and “norma jean” constellation and the MU1 Scorpii star that the great “we love enchantress” comet made it’s near passage last year . keep in mind while reading this blog that the Holmes* MU1 passage in this blog is only the start of an entire year the Holmes* “norma jean” becomes “marilyn monroe” play out in the mayan hunab ku region .. “norma jean” is the priestess enchantress . the next holmes* blogs will follow soon .

SS: the above 10 Oct 2007 starmap is seen the MEGA-OUTBURST of holmes* which burst larger than the sun in the constellation of Perseus .. it was during this outburst that i found priestess .. in this starmap is the schwassmann-wachmann 1 object in the orion stargate .. which after watching this object for years consistent well-timed outbursts i call it the vanguard comet due to it’s orbit that it is always visible from the earth .. schwassman wachmann the vanguard comet in the orion stargate will escort of holmes* through orion stargate, then the beehive crown, and to the mayan hunab-ku beehive region  .

SS: in the second starmap above of 06 June 2008 we can see that the schwassmann-wachmann vanguard comet stayed in the orion stargate for almost a year while holmes* circled perseus in full outburst larger than the sun .. after circling a giant loop through perseus and running over the “queen’s eye” it dropped down to join the schwassmann-wachmann 1 vanguard comet in the orion stargate .. it is well known and recording in the egyptian pyramid texts and books of the dead that the gods and goddesses were accompanied by many forces in their passage in the underworld to the imperishable star.

Vanguard (military formation) The vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force. The vanguard derives from the traditional division of a medieval army into three battles or wards; the Van, the Main (or Middle), and Rear.[1] The term Vanguard originates with the medieval French avant-garde, i.e. the ward in front. The vanguard would lead the line of march and would deploy first on the field of battle, either in front of the other wards or to the right if they stood in line..

“In the pre-Columbian Andes, the Milky Way was styled a river (‘mayu’) or, less frequently, a road (nan). It was the route traveled by both the gods and the spirits of the dead in order to reach the world of the living.” (Sullivan, p.49)

SS: in the first starmap above 27 june 2009 we can see holmes* and schwassmann-wachmann 1 moving pretty much in formation through the beehive crown .. schwassmann-wachmann waited for holmes* to pass him and then began to escort  holmes* through the beehive crown .. and in the above first starmap holmes* is right next to the beehive cluster . in the second starmap in 2010 above holmes* is moving from the beehive crown toward the mayan hunab ku beehive region .. the moon is in alignment with both the holmes* and schwassman-wachmann comets once every month since the holmes* outburst.

SS: in the 2012 and 2013 starmaps below show that as holmes* starts to reach the mayan hunab ku beehive region that the schwassman-wachmann vanguard comet stops following holmes* as the panstarrs comet loops into front of the holmes* comet. holmes* starts to follow the panstarrs that has aligned with the holmes* comet and heading toward the MU1 Scorpii star .. the second starmap below is of 20 Dec 2012 when the panstarrs object is closest to the MU1 Scorpii star with holmes* trailing behind it .. and the third map below is of 05 February just as “We Love Enchantress” Panstarrs comet is brightening then holmes* is nearest to the MU1 Scorpii Star .

SS: after this the “we love enchantress” panstarrs comet will make passage near the sun . however, after the solar passage the panstarrs comet will move toward the andromeda galaxy where it will make a very close passage . the panstarrs comet came out of the hunab ku beehive region and toward the andromeda galaxy that is the brane collision tomorrow night .. this is because the secret order is already at war with the andromedans which we can learn more about that as we explore mars .

SS: as holmes* makes its stargate passage from orion stargate through the beehive crown and into the mayan hunab ku stargate it is being escorted by schwassman-wachmann 1 .. “norma jean” is the priestess enchantress .. if is not “norma jean” then it is a another fakelands .. this is the underworld and priestess enchantress is “norma jean” is passage to the imperishable star .. the heart must weight the same as a feather on the Scales of Maat (libra).

Seen in the Kudurra (a Babylonian boundary stone) in the stage below ground sits the goddess Gulu, (the earth-goddess; also Ninmah, goddess of the underworld), where the cosmic serpent begins to rise. She is the patroness of herbs, healing, life, as her flowered garment shows. Hands lifted in prayer, she sits with her dog, defender of homes, while before her a Scorpion Archer mounts guard at the uttermost bound of the earth (cosmic sea), to defend against demonic powers and protect the rising and setting sun.

SS: the reason why fire rules water is because the fire is astral light and water is etheric .. the astral light is the source and can cause oscillations in the etheric .. any oscillation in the etheric will oscillate forever until an oscillation of opposite peak to trough cancels it .. this is because the etheric is water with no friction .

SS: however when an etheric oscillation begins to vibrate in the etheric that is not originate from the astral light source then the active astral light will make an adjustment and bring another oscillation that is opposite peak to trough which will cause a backfire because the new astral oscillation will continue to vibrate after canceling the etheric oscillation that did not originate from the astral light .. the more try fight it the worse it becomes ..  i have answered the question why fire rules water and also why the martians were defeated in the ” war of atlantis ” .

Of the Curiosity’s “The Mound” Landing Spot

SS: we now have another view of “The Mound” that is near curiosity landing site on mars .. this happens to be where the curiosity science laboratory rover which will land and search for microbes in august.. in my past mars pole-star science blogs i have talked about “the mound” looks like a crashed space ship covered by ancient volcanic ash .. i think that exploring mars helps some of the sub-issues i have talked about the next brane collision with andromeda galaxy . the landing is in august is only weeks away and curiosity will land even closer to “the Mound” .

But the resources of Atlas were as great, and the advantages incomparably greater. The whole archipelago was a laboratory. There was no question of the “cost of research”; every man was devoted to it. Every man thought only of the main problem “How to reach Venus” and its sub-issues. — Liber Li by A.’.A.’.

Huge Mars Rover Faces Contamination Issue Ahead of August Landing NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/MSSS

This image shows changes in the target landing area for Curiosity, the rover of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory project. The larger ellipse was the target area prior to early June 2012, when the project revised it to the smaller ellipse centered NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/MSSS

This artist concept shows NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover in 2011. NASA’s Mars rover, nicknamed Curiosity, is zeroing in on its August landing on the Red Planet and aims to touch down closer than expected to its mountain target, the US space agency said Monday. (AFP Photo/AFP/NASA/JPL-Caltech/File)

This artist’s concept features NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, a mobile robot for investigating Mars’ past or present ability to sustain microbial life as seen in this handout NASA image received by Reuters June 8, 2012. NASA’s Curiosity rover, carried by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) spacecraft, will land near the Martian equator on August 6, 2012. REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENT)

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