UTTERANCE 372 (Second Sight removes consciousness of your Illusions)

651a. djed medu hha usir teti ires ir ek

Whenever said is the solitary Word sah, O Activity of the Eye of an Atlantean, being wakeful to yourself (before the brow),

651b. redi en heru init en ek djehuti khefeti ek

it will happen because Second Sight has caused the Crossing of the two powers (before the brow) to remove your Illusion for you,

651c. de en ef ku her sa ef imi ef chaiu ku

it will happen because it (Second Sight) has placed you in charge of its (Illusion's) back, so that it will not predestine you,

651d. iri set ek her ef

so achieve your place in charge of it (Illusion),

652a. peri hemes her ef me nehhep ef em o ek

so levitate, sit in charge of it (Illusion) and do not allow it to bring about a levitation descent in your control,

652b. hha djeseret ir ef di ir ek sut ir ef

but descend, being more sacred than it (Illusion), so that compared to you more harm will result to it (Illusion),

653a. setep en heru khepeshu khefetiu ek

it will happen because Second Sight has cut off (before the brow) the strengths of your Illusions,

653b. ini en en ek sen heru shou

it will happen because Second Sight has removed them (your Illusions) in a cut off state,

653c. seheri en heru ka esen ir esen

it will happen because Second Sight has removed their consciousness from them (your Illusions),

653d. nezer ek em shereti ib ek im esen em ren ek en nezer meshu

so that your flame will be in the small-space of your Center of Gravity among them (your Illusions) in a tunnel mouth for that of yours (before the brow) for the flame of the sword.


--The Pyramid Texts by THOTH

Pyramids of the Unas Complex on the desert plateau of Saqqara

The text above the three heads of the gigantic winged serpent reads:

netjer oa up djenehuii sab shut

The gigantic (serpent) god which opens left and right wings, dappled of feather.